These mines are employed against tanks, self-propelled rockets and artillery stands, armored and transportation vehicles.


Charge weight, kg 8.1
Mine weight, kg 10.8
Fuse MVCH-62 or MVP-62
Activating effort, kg– with MVCH-62

– with MVP-62

Dimensions, required for the usage of a mine-layer– Diameter, mm

– Height, mm

Corpus Metal
Manufacturer DUNARIT


Mines – 4 pieces in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 610 x 391 x 420
Gross weight, kg 57.3
Fuses in a wooden case, pcsMVCH-62


Case dimensions,m3 600 x 400 x 400
Gross weight, kg 35
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Atlas International Group deliver and supply a wide selection of anti-tank mines, and the TM-62 M Anti-Tank Mine produced by the experts at Dunarit is one of the most popular. When your military mission requires reliable landmines, this is a winning solution.


The TM-62 M is one of the best anti-tank mines, and Atlas International Group stocks more than enough devices to satisfy your military defence needs.


TM-62 M Anti-Tank Mine


The TM-62 M anti-tank mine can be deployed against tanks, self-propelled rockets and artillery stands, armored and transportation vehicles. The metallic landmine is one of the most popular and commonly used items. Quite frankly, it’s not hard to see why so many military operations choose this solution.


With over 8kg of TNT, the device will do a lot of damage once detonation is triggered by passing enemy tanks. The fuse utilises a magnetic influence to ensure a reliable performance, with the landmine being set off by any part of the enemy tanks. The track and belly will be blown away thanks to the 9V product, which can use either the MVCH-62 or MVP-62 fuse.


At a height of just 70mm, the TM-62 M anti-tank mine is almost undetectable by the enemy due to their inconspicuous design. Furthermore, they can be deployed on a range of terrains and will provide the same reliable function under a range of climate conditions. The mines can be deployed manually or from a machine, and have a long enough safety time to let you escape the danger zone before they become armed.


The TM-62 M is activated by over 150kg of pressure weight, ensuring that they will only detonate when an enemy vehicle passes. This allows you to maintain the protective function without causing external risks. As with most landmines, it is built to defend and destroy. There is no question that it does this very well, and the Dunarit version utilises the latest technology for the very best results.


Whether you need a handful of pieces or hundreds of them doesn’t matter. The landmines can be stored for up to 10 years before being deployed, meaning you can stock enough items to cover your defence throughout the foreseeable future. Military protection from enemy vehicles at ground level never felt so simple.


Buying From Atlas International Group


At the Atlas International Group, we have been helping military options – amongst others – for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on working with the best manufacturers and products that utilise the latest technology. As far as anti-tank mines are concerned, the TM-62M is one of the best, not least because they go through quality control.


The explosive tool can easily become one of the main players in your military defence operations. Whether you’re ready to place an order today or just wish to speak to our engineers and consultants about your options and requirements, give us a call today. With our fast deliveries and reliable service, your military needs will be satisfied in no time.