7.62 x 39 mm Cartridges

The 7.62 x 39 mm cartridges accompany
7.62 mm assault rifles and light machine guns.





Cartridge type 7.62 mm M1943
7.62 mm M1943
7.62 mm M1943
Material or Designation Material or Designation Material or Designation
Bullet Jacket Bimetal Bimetal
Sheath Lead
Core Steel Lead
Tracer mixture Combined
Powder charge SSNF 50 SSNF 50 P-125
Cartridge case Steel / Bimetal Steel / Bimetal Bimetal
Primer with corrosion-proof charge with corrosion-proof charge with corrosion-proof charge
Weight, g 16.3 16.0 8.2
Length, mm 56 56 48.2
Velocity V25, m/s 717 710-725
Max. pressure, Pa 2800.105 2800.105
Range, m 800 800
Weapon 7.62 mm assault rifles and light machine guns





1400 (1480 for blank) cartridges in 2 air-tight boxes are packed in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 488 x 353 x 151
Case volume, m3 0.026
Total weight, kg 30(20 for blank cartridges)

The 7.62 x 39 mm cartridges are rimless, bottlenecked, intermediate cartridges. Originally of soviet origin, these cartridges were designed during World War II. The popularity of light machine guns and pattern rifles has lead to this small caliber ammunition being used by civilians as well as the military. Over the years, this ammunition has been tweaked and improved to provide both accuracy and penetration. Multiple variants of the cartridge are available to purchase on the market including hollow point ammunition.

The ammunition is designed to function in a range of different temperatures, allowing it to be used in both polar and desert conditions.

Historians debate with the 7.62 x 39 mm cartridges were influenced by a range of foreign designs including the STG-44. There are certainly similarities between the two however many experts suggest the two cartridges are completely separate.

The AK-47, the world’s most commonly used military pattern rifle was actually designed for this cartridge. Today, the cartridge is still used in ammunition manufacturing as chambering for fresh, developed rifles.

As well as being used by the military, 7,62 x 39 mm cartridges are also used for sports and hunting. Typically, this ammunition is used for hunting whitetail deer due to the fact it has a similar profile to the 30- 30 Winchester round.

A low cost and high availability ensures that this small caliber ammunition is popular with many civilian hunters as well as target shooters.

Matching high-level ammunition manufacturing standards, this small caliber ammunition comes in three different cartridge types: with steel core bullet, with T45 Tracer Bullet, and with Blank Cartridge. There are a range of different variations of the cartridge available worldwide. However many of these are banned in the US.

The cartridges are packaged in a wooden case with a total of 1400 rounds divided between two airtight boxes.