We can provide delivery and implementation of production lines for 23×152 mm rounds. The production line can be re-adjusted for manufacturing of 30×165 mm and calibres up to 40 mm. This production line is developed for manufacture of (Armour Piercing Incendiary, Armour Piercing Tracer, Armour Piercing Incendiary Tracer Shells, High-explosive Incendiary and High-explosive Incendiary Tracer Shells), assembly and testing of 23x152mm calibre rounds.

We can provide also delivery and implementation for production lines for 7,62×39 and 7,62×54 cartridges, for production of cases, bullets, assembly, packaging and for fulfilling the tests of 7,62х39 and 7,62×54 cartridges.

We can provide also spare parts and maintenance for those lines.


Types of rounds to be assembled including shell (case+rim) and bullets produced:

• 5.45 x 39, 7.62 x 39, 7.62 x 54
• 5.56 x 45, 7.62 x 51 (.308)
• 9 x 19, 0.45
• .50BMG and .408 (case only)

OUTPUT: 450 per minute

– ability to produce 24 hours a day
– short re-tooling time
– similar facilities produce over 200 million rounds per year.

Upon Contract approval we would provide details and planning of Full production line
of machinery, from preparation and testing to full assembly as per the following:
• General layout of the production and supporting facilities
• Technical Manuals in reference for the type of powder, bullet weight, etc.
• Floor plan of the production facility as per the aforesaid structure
• Flow chart with specification of machinery and processes
• Requirements for utilities and auxiliary facilities, Buyer’s scope.
* Two (2) months training program (at the manufacturer’s plant) for the operations
personnel is included in the price.

Our proposal is for supply of equipment/machinery for production of bullet, case and rim
requiring three (3) stages, while gunpowder and primer are purchased from suppliers.
And the 4th stage is completion, i.e. assembly and packaging.
Engineering, Documentation, Supervision of Erection work,
Testing & Commissioning, Training