Intended for firing of light antitank rocket launcher
RPG-7 for destroying of tanks and self-propelled
guns and other armoured vehicles. It can also be
used against enemy troops in field shelters and
different fortifications.
It is equipped with the VP-7M fuze.


Armour penetration, mm 300
Direct fire range, m 300
Max. range, m 500
Muzzle velocity, m/s 140
Fire rate, shots/min 4 ÷ 6


RPG-7V hand anti-tank granade launcher.


6 rounds in a combined case (6 rockets + 6 charges in separate packing)
Case dimensions, mm 808 x 452 x 238
Gross weight of the case, kg 33
Volume of the case, m3 0.192

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the PG-7VM HOLLOW-CHARGE ROUND HEAT designed to disable tanks, armoured vehicles, self-propelled guns, and land-based drones. It’s also an excellent tool for use against enemy troops in shelters, concrete buildings, or out in the open. Battlefield fortifications do not stand a chance against this round, and that is why it has become an essential component to every winning modern arsenal.


Equipped with the VP-7M fuze and used with the RPG-7V hand anti-tank grenade launcher, this is a deadly weapon that will strike fear into the hearts of enemy combatants. With a maximum fire range of 500 m and a direct fire range of 300 m, this tool is ideal for both short-distance and long-distance combat.


Atlas International Group are experts in ammunition production. Our anti-tank and personnel grenades are produced to the highest quality to ensure they never let buyers down and always perform when it matters most. These rounds will not malfunction and put troops at risk, and they’re capable of stopping almost all enemy advancements in their tracks.


The PG-7VM HOLLOW-CHARGE ROUND HEAT has a muzzle velocity of 140m/s and armour penetration capabilities of 300 mm making it a fantastic choice for many different applications. Whether soldiers need to recapture a town from combatants using concrete buildings for protection or they have to deal with the threat of advancing tanks, this round will keep the enemy at bay and ensure they have nowhere to go.


Field shelters, trench systems, and other structures do not stand a chance against the PG-7VM HOLLOW-CHARGE ROUND HEAT, and that is why it is one of the most popular products we hold in stock.


Buyers receive their orders securely packaged in a wooden case that includes six rockets, and sick charges packed separately for safety reasons. These rounds are ready to go, and soldiers can use them on the battlefield straight away.


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