They are designed for destroying the enemy troops in the open, in trenches, in field shelters or in different fortifications.


Range of direct shot, m 165 165
Max. range, m 1000 950
Muzzle velocity, m/s 152 145
Firing rate, shots/min 4 ÷ 6 4 ÷ 6
Number of fragments with an average weight of 0.5 g, pcs. ≥1200
Manufacturer VMZ


Light antitank grenade launcher RPG-7V


18 rounds in a wooden case (18 grenades plus 18 charges)
Dimensions, mm 833 x 416 x 263 833 x 516 x 263
Volume, m3 0.09 0.09
Weight, kg 50 52

Atlas International Group deliver and supply ROUND OG-7V WITH A FRAGMENTATION GRENADE OG-7 And OG-7VM3 designed to destroy enemy combatants in shelters, trenches, and out in the open. The products are also capable of attacking many different battlefield structures with deadly results. No enemy fortification is safe or secure when militaries have access to these weapons, and they’re some of the most popular anti-tank and personnel grenades available today.


With maximum ranges of 1000 m and 950 m retrospectively, it is possible to use these rounds from a long distance to ensure the safety of the operators. The range for direct shots stands at 165 m for both rounds, and targets hit from that distance will suffer severe and debilitating damage. On the battlefield, these rounds are enough to halt enemy advancements and secure almost any positions.


It is possible to fire between four and six rounds per minute from a light anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-7V which will produce an incredible amount of destruction. While these rounds are more suitable for attacking enemy personnel positions, they are also effective at disabling unarmoured vehicles, land-based drones, and many other obstacles an army might encounter in the theatre of war. As specialists in ammunition production, we ensure every round meets and exceeds our customer’s high expectations.


The rounds come securely packaged in a wooden case, and each order contains 18 grenades and 18 charges packed separately for safety. The weight of the packaging is just over 50 kg, and that helps to ensure the rounds remain as mobile as possible and do not become too heavy for transport to the battlefield.


With muzzle velocities of 152 m/s and 145 m/s, these rounds are almost unbeatable against enemy combatants, and they will provide troops with some much-needed protection when air support is not possible. No enemy soldier is safe when their counterparts have access to the ROUND OG-7V WITH A FRAGMENTATION GRENADE OG-7 And OG-7VM3, and that is why they have become a military staple.


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