Intended for destroying the enemy emplacements (battlefield fortifications, reinforced buildings, stone, brick or concrete fortifications), light armored vehicles and automobiles and enemy troops in the open and in shelters.


Caliber’ mm: 40 x 93
Weight, kg: 4.0
Length, mm: 1110
Direct fire range, m: 150
Max. range, m: 800
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 70
Operational temperature range, 0C: −40…+50
Manufacturer: VMZ


Total equivalent: 2.0


RPG-7V man-portable anti-tank grenade launcher Firing rate (shots/min): 4 … 6


6 rounds in a wooden case (6 grenades plus 6 charges separately packed)
Dimensions, mm 810 x 498 x 322
Volume of the case, m3 0.129
Weight, kg 55

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the GTB-7VS THERMOBARIC ROUND intended to assist in destroying enemy positions on the battlefield. The round is ideal for taking out tanks, armoured vehicles, automobiles, and enemy troops whether in shelters or out in the open.


The GTB-7VS THERMOBARIC ROUND is one of the best and most deadly anti-tank and personnel grenades available today, and it is an essential component to any successful military arsenal. At only 4 kg, this is a lightweight solution to enemy advancements, and it’s guaranteed to secure your position and prevent any attacks from vehicles, infantry, and anyone else.


With a direct fire range of 150 m and a maximum range of 800 m, this incredibly powerful and accurate round will give soldiers and commanders peace of mind on the battlefield. If the enemy knows their counterparts have access to this weapon, they are unlikely to send tanks or other armoured vehicles in its direction.


Militaries use this round with an RPG-7V man-portable anti-tank grenade launcher, and it’s guaranteed to cause a significant amount of damage to battlefield fortifications, reinforced buildings and brick or concrete structures. Light armoured vehicles don’t stand a chance against this weapon, and enemy soldiers are unlikely to advance if they know the other side has access to this round.


Customers receive six rounds in a secure wooden case with six charges also included per package. It is recommended to store the rounds in their case until it’s time to use them for safety reasons. However, it is also important to note that the GTB-7VS THERMOBARIC ROUND is one of the most reliable available today, and so safety is rarely an issue.


Get in touch with the Atlas International Group team to learn more about this product and how it can benefit any infantry. As experts in ammunition production, Atlas strives to meet and exceed all expectations, and that is why we only manufacture rounds of the highest quality.