The PTM-BA-III is designed for creating minefields and for destroying tracked and wheeled vehicles. The plastic body of the mine makes it hardly detectable by the known mine-detection devices.


Height, mm 109
Diameter, mm 320
Weight of charge, kg 7.25
Gross weight, kg 9.65
Operating force, N 1800-5000
Warehouse storage, yearsField conditions storage, years 102
Manufacturer Institute of Metal Science


Four mines without fuses are packed in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 726 x 400 x 420
Gross weight, kg 63
Volume of the case, m3 0.12
Fifteen BVZ-43197 fuses are packed together
in a separate wooden case
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Atlas International Group deliver and supply a range of premium quality anti-tank mines, which includes the PTM-BA-III Plastik Anti-Tank Mine manufactured by the Institute of Metal Science. If you’re in need of an anti-tank mine for immediate or future conflicts or defence.


The PTM-BA-III is one of the best anti-tank mine products on the market, and Atlas International Group can help you military defence operations become better equipped in no time.


PTM-BA-III Plastik Anti-Tank Mine


The PTM-BA-III is primarily designed for creating minefields and for destroying tracked and wheeled vehicles. It is one of the most popular solutions on the market for several reasons, but it’s the plastic casing that truly separates it from many of the alternatives.


Being cased in plastic makes the PTM-BA-III anti-tank mine almost undetectable by the known mine-detection devices. Meanwhile, the flat design and low height makes it impossible for the human eye to spot. It can be deployed manually or via machinery, including vehicles such as helicopters.


Mines arm themselves shortly after deployment providing almost instant protection. A magnetic influence force ensures that it will be detonated if an enemy vehicle passes over it. The weight of charge is 7.25kg, meaning there is more than enough power to cause serious damage to the targeted tanks, damaging tracks and the belly to render it redundant.


The centrally located fuse is closed by the threaded cover plate, which adds to the reliability. Devices can be stored for up to 10 years prior to deployment, so you can stock up on as many as will be needed throughout the foreseeable future without worrying about waste.


Like any anti-tank mine, the PTM-BA-III is designed for defence and protection by destroying enemy tanks and military function. It does so with incredible results and can be utilised on many terrain types for a range of missions.


In many ways, the PTM-BA-III plastik anti-tank mine is much like the old WWII landmines. However, they use far more advanced technology for greater power, reliability, and secrecy. Whatever your reasons for needing this type of product might be, this product is a winning solution.


Why Choose Atlas International?


For over 20 years, the Atlas International Group has proudly provided defence resources to military personnel and those in related fields. We are committed to working only with manufacturers and products that are as committed to quality as we are. This is why the PTM-BA-III is a firm favourite, and we stock a large number of units. Be sure that we can satisfy your needs.


The small, undetectable, but powerful landmine is a key product for your defensive strategies.  However, our team of experienced specialists and engineers are happy to discuss individual requirements to confirm that this is the right solution. We are dedicated to providing quick turnarounds, meaning you can also gain that protection right away.


Whether you’re ready to place your order today or still need a little support, give us a call. The PTM-BA-III could transform your approach to military defence forever.