They are designed for destroying the enemy troops in the open, in trenches, in field shelters or in different fortifications.


Max. range, m 4500
Muzzle velocity, m/s 316
Firing rate, shots/min 3 ÷4
Manufacturer VMZ


Heavy grenade launcher SPG-9M


6 rounds in a wooden case (6 grenades plus 6 charges separately packed)
Dimensions, mm 1033 x 520 x 294 1033 x 520 x 294
Volume of the case, m3 0.517 0.157
Weight, kg 60 52

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the ROUNDS OG-9V WITH FRAGMENTATION GRENADE OG-9 & OG-9M designed to assist in the neutralisation of enemy tanks, armoured vehicles, and battlefield fortifications. The rounds work best when taking out troops in shelters, trenches, or anywhere else on the battlefield, and they have become an essential component to all military arsenals.


With a maximum range of 4500 m, these rounds are some of the best anti-tank and personnel grenades on the market today for long-distance combat. There is no need to reveal positions when using these weapons, and the enemy will not see the grenades coming until the last moment. The ROUNDS OG-9V WITH FRAGMENTATION GRENADE OG-9 & OG-9M have a muzzle velocity of 316 m/s.


Soldiers on the battlefield using these rounds will find they perform best with a heavy grenade launcher SPG-9M. Their modern and lightweight design means troops can transport these items from their stores to the battlefield in a matter of minutes without the use of large equipment. That means they are perfect for halting enemy advancements and preventing infantry attacks when air support is not an option.


Atlas International Group are specialists in ammunition production, and all of our products undergo strict quality control testing to ensure they always fire and never malfunction when our customers need them most. Going into battle without access to these anti-tank and personnel grenades is never a smart move, and that is why they have become an essential component for military arsenals around the world.


The items come packaged in a secure wooden case, and there are six rounds in each order. We pack six charges separately for safety reasons, and the packaging is also lightweight to ensure it doesn’t affect the ease of transport.


For more information about the ROUNDS OG-9V WITH FRAGMENTATION GRENADE OG-9 & OG-9M, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and give reassurances or whatever you require.