They are designed for destroying troops in the open, in trenches, in hasty field shelters or brick-wall fortifications, as well as for destroying light armored and not armored vehicles. The warhead contains a powerful explosive and pre-fabricated fragments increasing its fragmentation effect. The design enables the usage of delay and proximity fuses.


Caliber’ mm: 73 73
Weight, kg: 6.900 5.480
Length, mm: 1030 1024
Direct fire range, m: 400 350
Max. range, m: 7500 4200
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 250 316
Operational temperature range, 0C: −40…+50 −40…+50
Manufacturer: VMZ


Explosive weight, kg 0.750 0.750
Num er of 2g fragments 1200 1200
Number of fragments with lethal effect 2000 2000


Heavy anti-tank grenade launcher SPG-9M
Rate on fire, shots/min 3 ÷4 3 ÷4


6 rounds in a wooden case (6 grenades plus 6 charges separately packed)
Dimensions, mm 1033 x 520 x 294 1033 x 520 x 294
Volume of the case, m3 0.517 0.157
Weight, kg 60 51

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the ROUNDS OG-9VG WITH HE-FRAGMENTATION GRENADE OG-9G & OG-9G1 designed for destroying light armoured vehicles and troops on the battlefield. These rounds are capable of taking our most shelters, automobiles, and anything else militaries might encounter in combat situations. The warhead contains a powerful explosive and pre-fabricated fragments. That increases its fragmentation effect and ensures devastating results every time.


These lightweight anti-tank and personnel grenades are essential on the battlefield for winning militaries, and they have a direct fire range of between 350 m and 400 m making them perfect for close quarters combat when air support is unavailable. Muzzle velocities are 250 m/s and 316 m/s, and the total range for these rounds is 4200 m/s and 7500 m/s. That means they are also excellent tools for long-distance fighting.


There are no less than 2000 fragments with lethal effect in each of these rounds, and we send them out packaged in a secure wooden case with charges packed separately for safety reasons. Use these weapons with a heavy anti-tank grenade launcher SPG-9M for the best results. It is possible to fire between three and four shots per minute which will create a wall of devastation the enemy can never penetrate.


Do not make the mistake of going into battle without the ROUNDS OG-9VG WITH HE-FRAGMENTATION GRENADE OG-9G & OG-9G1 close at hand. Atlas International Group are specialists in ammunition production, and we guarantee the quality of every round we produce. All products undergo strict testing to ensure they never fail or malfunction when customers need them most.


Brick fortifications, battlefield shelters, and advancing troops are no match for this warhead. That is why it regularly appears on the modern battlefield with deadly results.


For more information about the ROUNDS OG-9VG WITH HE-FRAGMENTATION GRENADE OG-9G & OG-9G1, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to assist.