Intended for firing of gun 2A28 at all current tanks, self-propelled gun mounts and other armored materiel of the enemy. It can also be used to destroy manpower of the enemy and fire weapons in permanent, earth and hasty field type shelters or in brickwork defense points. The point-blank range at 2 m target height is 800 m.


Muzzle Velocity (m/s) Maximum Pressure (Pa) Range (m)
400 730.105 1300
Manufacturer VMZ


Element Material- indication Weight (kg) Length (mm)
Rocket PG-15 Piezoelectric fuse VP-9 0.072 90/74
Body Aluminum 0.900 358
Engine Steel 1.560 380
Bursting charge Hexogen 0.322
Pyrodelay element Steel 0.035 44
Charge-powder RNDSI 0.160


6 rounds in a wooden case (6 grenades plus 6 charges separately packed)
Dimensions, mm 1062 x 504 x 279
Gross weight of the case, kg 51
Volume of the case, m3 0.15

Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply the ROUND PG-15V WITH ANTI-TANK ROCKET PG-15 designed to tackle and disable tanks, self-propelled guns, and other armoured vehicles. The rounds are also perfect for destroying enemy positions in shelters, brick buildings, and anywhere else on the battlefield. These rounds have become essential for all winning military arsenals, and they will help to keep troops safe when air support and over means of cover are not available.


With a muzzle velocity of 400 m/s and a range of 1300 m, these weapons are suitable for both short and long-distance combat, and they’re certain to ensure the enemy finds it impossible to advance beyond their current positions. The point-blank range of these items is 800 m.


The body of the rounds is made using aluminium to ensure they’re lightweight and easy to transport around the battlefield. The engine is made from steel, and that helps to ensure it is robust and reliable. No soldier wants their ammunition to malfunction during a battle because that could lead to deadly consequences. That is why Atlas International Group strives to maintain its position as the most trustworthy ammunition production specialist on the market today by implementing strict quality control procedures.


Every military needs anti-tank and personnel grenades in the modern theatre of war, and the ROUND PG-15V WITH ANTI-TANK ROCKET PG-15 is second to none. It will destroy the manpower of the enemy, wherever they choose to hide, and it will also assist in making sure no terrorist can drive a vehicle near to army positions without facing the full force of modern weaponry.


Buyers receive these items securely packaged in a lightweight wooden case that is easily transportable on trucks, trains, or battlefield vehicles. There are six grenades in each box, and we pack six charges separately for safety reasons. While some anti-tank and personnel grenades and rounds are bulky and heavy; that is not an issue for people who choose the ROUND PG-15V WITH ANTI-TANK ROCKET PG-15.


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