5.6 mm Flober Cartridges

These flober cartridges accompany the 5.6 mm rifles and pistols.




Material or Designation
Bullet Lead Lead
Cartridge case Brass Brass
Propelling charge Smokeless powder Pyroxyline
Cartridge weight, g 2.88 3.2
Velocity, m/s 340 320
Max. pressure, Pa 700.105 1200.105
Max. range, m 100 100
Weapon 5.6 mm Rifles and Pistols




50 cartridges in a cardboard box, 7200 cartridges in a wooden case 50 cartridges in a cardboard box, 5000 cartridges in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 460 x 160 x 200 500 x 355 x 155
Case volume, m3 0.0195 0.02285
Total weight, kg 17.3 26.5

5.6 mm Flober Cartridges


At Atlas, we take pride in our high-quality ammunition delivery and supply two different types of 5.6 mm Flober Cartridges for to our clients both nationally and internationally. This type of ammunition was designed to be fired from 5.6 mm rifles and pistols.

We currently offer these two types of 5.6 mm Flober cartridges:

5.6 mm Short Flober Cartridge: The 5.6 mm short cartridge used in a range of pocket pistols and revolvers. The main use of this ammunition is for practice by recreational shooters. The short is popular due to a low level of recoil, ideal for beginners with a great accuracy.

5.6 mm Long Flober Cartridge: The 5.6 mm long cartridge is the most common for of small caliber  ammunition in the world today. Ideal for it’s low level of recoil and minimum noise, these rounds are typically used for small game hunting, recreational shooting and pest control. Various handgun manufacturers do have conversion kits so that you can use this type of cartridge.

Both variations of the 5.6 mm Flober cartridge have a range of 100 meters. This makes these cartridges the ideal choice for defence situations where the target is within close range.

The 5.6 mm Short Flober Cartridge has a slightly higher velocity than the Long Flober Cartridge at 340 m/s. This makes this ammunition a slightly better choice for shooters who are trying to improve their accuracy.

All of our ammunition meets the standard ammunition requirements for storage and transportation. This means that you can handle and transport this small caliber ammunition without worrying about your safety or that of those around you. If you would like some more information or to see the full list of specifications of each type of cartridge, take a look at the table below.