Intended for destroying tanks (including those with Explosive Reactive Armor – ERA), self – propelled guns and other armored vehicles. It can also be used for suppressing infantry and firing posts in brick and reinforced concrete buildings and log-and-earth shelters.


Caliber (mm): – launcher: 40
– main charge: 93
Weight, kg: 3.310
Length, m: 1.130
Direct fire range, m: 220
Max. range, m: 300
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 90
Operational temperature range, 0C: −40…+50
Firing rage, rounds/min: 4…6
Wing span, mm: 320
Fuse: VP-22 contact fuse
Manufacturer: VMZ


Warhead tandem, shaped – charge
Penetration –550 mm of rolled homogeneous armor + behindarmor effect;
–500 mm beyond one layer of ERA


RPG-7V portable rocket launcher

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the PG-7VLT HOLLOW-CHARGE ROUND WITH PG-7LT TANDEM ANTI-TANK GRENADE designed to neutralise tanks with explosive reactive armour, armoured vehicles, and self-propelled guns. It’s a powerful and destructive round that is guaranteed to secure positions and prevent enemy advancements on the battlefield or in captured towns and villages.


The round is also idea for infantry and firing posts in reinforced buildings and earth shelters. An essential component to any winning arsenal, this round is best used with the RPG-7V portable rocket launcher for maximum accuracy and efficiency. At only 3.310 kg, it’s a lightweight solution that any army can transport to their positions on the battlefield with ease.


The PG-7VLT HOLLOW-CHARGE ROUND WITH PG-7LT TANDEM ANTI-TANK GRENADE is one of the most popular anti-tank and personnel grenades available today, and it’s a marvel of ammunition production thanks to its versatility and devastating results. No enemy units are safe when a military has access to this weapon, and it is almost impossible to advance thanks to the maximum fire range of 300 m and the direct fire range of 220 m.


Soldiers and combatants using this round will benefit from being able to fire between four and six times each minute which will create a wave of destruction through which no terrorists can penetrate.


The rounds come packaged securely to ensure maximum safety until use, and new clients are more than welcome to get in touch to learn more. When the enemy decides to advance, this weapon will halt them in their tracks and ensure soldiers never have to retreat. Regardless of whether a unit faces tanks, armoured vehicles, drones, or infantry personnel; the PG-7VLT HOLLOW-CHARGE ROUND WITH PG-7LT TANDEM ANTI-TANK GRENADE will assist in keeping them safe.


The round uses a VP-22 contact fuse with a muzzle velocity of 90 m/s making it one of the most robust and reliable solutions available to militaries all over the world.


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