The S-8KO rocket is with a shaped fragmentation effect. It is designed for destruction of armored targets on the ground and enemy personnel.


Armor penetration, mm 420
Max. velocity, m/s 16.5
Manufacturer VMZ


Launcher pods of B-8M1 and B-8V20 type (20 pcs each)


V-5KP1 fuse (piezoelectric, contact)


8 rockets in a wooden case
Dimensions, mm 1795 x 330 x 350
Volume, m3 0.207
Weight, kg 75

The S-8KO rocket is an unguided aviation rocket with a shaped fragmentation effect. It’s designed entirely around air to ground impact, with the destruction of armoured targets on the ground and enemy personnel as the goal. This type of ammunition is a rocket developed by the Soviet Air Force and the Serbian Air Force, for use by military aircraft. It is currently still in active service. The S-8KO unguided aviation rocket is a HEAT, with a 1.57m length and a range of 1.3-4KM.


This unguided aviation rocket ammunition is intended to arm modern jets and helicopters and ground attack fighters. When it comes to helicopters, it’s the most commonly used ammunition on the Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter, but it can also be found on armed versions of the Mi-8 Hip and the very latest Mi-28 and Ka-50 attack helicopters. The Su-25 Frogfoot is the most common fixed wing aircraft which uses the S-8KO range.


The S-8KO unguided aviation rocket range is is much more effective than the earlier models (the S-5) as they are highly accurate and the warheads themselves are far more powerful. The warheads available include:

  • HEAT-frag
  • Anti-runway
  • Thermobaric
  • Illumination

There is a laser guide in development for the S-8 range of ammunition but as yet, it’s not been put into practice. The warhead and the fuze of of the unguided aviation rocket are at the front and the short burning rocket motor makes up the majority of the body. There are fins that fold along the body of the S-8KO, providing a stable flight for this ammunition. The S-8KO are completely unguided free flight rockets, and the targeting of this ammunition is activated by pointing the launch aircraft toward the target itself. The S-8KO HEAT Frag warhead is used against mobile infantry, vehicles and buildings and is the most common version of the S-8 family of ammunition.