Intended for destroying the enemy emplacements (battlefield fortifications, reinforced buildings, stone, brick or concrete fortifications), light armoured vehicles and automobiles and enemy troops in the open and in shelters.


Caliber’ mm: 40 x 93
Weight, kg: 4.700
Length, mm: 1120
Direct fire range, m: 200
Max. range, m: 1000
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 66
Operational temperature range, 0C: −40…+50
Manufacturer: VMZ


Total equivalent: 2.0


RPG-7V man-portable anti-tank grenade launcher Firing rate /shots/min/: 4 … 6


6 rounds in a wooden case (6 grenades plus 6 charges separately packed)
Dimensions, mm 810 x 498 x 322
Volume of the case, m3 0.129
Weight, kg 60

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the GTB-7BG THERMOBARIC ROUND designed for destroying enemy battlefield fortifications, reinforced buildings, and light armoured vehicles. These anti-tank and personnel grenades use a modern and deadly technology to ensure positions are secured and enemy troops can never advance.


At only 4.700 KG, with a velocity of 66 m/s, the GTB-7BG THERMOBARIC ROUND is an essential component of any modern armoury. Atlas International Group are specialists in ammunition production, and this product is just one in a long line of others in this category. The rounds come packaged in a wooden case, and buyers receive six grenades plus six charges.


The GTB-7BG THERMOBARIC ROUND has a direct fire range of 200 m, and that makes it perfect for taking tanks out of the battle and vaporising enemy outposts as you advance. On the battlefield, this anti-tank and personnel grenade will prevent the enemy from reaching positions using light armoured vehicles, automobiles, or on foot. It’s the ideal weapon for taking on combatants in the open or in shelters, and there is little anyone can do to protect themselves from the power of this round once fired.


Militaries use this round with an RPG-7V man-portable anti-tank grenade launcher, and it has a fire or shot rate of between four and six per minute. So, anyone with access to this round can do some severe damage in no time at all. With a maximum range of 1000 m, it is possible to hit targets a significant distance from any position. That means there is no need to expose the shooter until the last moment, and army hideouts will not become compromised until the last second.


The GTB-7BG THERMOBARIC ROUND from Atlas International Group is one of the best anti-tank grenades on the market today, and new customers are advised to contact our team for more information.