The PDM2S amphibious
mine is designed for
building defense mine
barriers alongside sea water
of 3 to 15 m depth. It can
also destroy sea vessels
(amphibians, tanks, assault
barges, etc.) of 5 t to 1000 t.


Deployment depth, mm 3 to 15
Mine spacing, m > 25
Main charge/td> cast trinitrotoluene
Booster charge pressed trinitrotoluene
Induction fuse NV-SM
Remote control connection
Fighting condition activation remote
Remote control range, m 25 – 1000
Safe time (since immersed), min 55
Fighting condition maximum time, days 180
Fighting condition setting step, days 1
Self destruction Autonomous activation
Neutralization Remote activation
Sea waves resistance, ball 5
Power, V 9
Mine diameter, mm 1000 ± 5
Mine height, mm 800 ± 5
Mine weight, kg 160 ± 5
Main charge weight, kg 50 ± 5
Fuse weight, kg 4.5 ± 5
Booster charge weight, g 0.1±0.05
Temperature range of use, 0C minus 4 – plus 35
Warehouse storage, years 15
Shed storage, years 2
Manufacturer Institute of Metal Science
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Atlas International Group deliver and supply a range of premium quality underwater mines, which includes the PDM2S Amphibious Mine manufactured by the Institute of Metal Science. If you’re in need of an underwater mine for whatever reason, there’s no better place to look.


The PDM2S takes your underwater protection to the next level, and Atlas International Group is perfectly equipped to handle your needs.


PDM2S Amphibious Mine


The PDM2S amphibious mine is an incredible powerful underwater mine that is designed to provide an impregnable defence barrier. It can be deployed in seawater or river water, meaning you can also protect beaches, lakes, and a host of other water bodies with telling results.


Despite being relatively small and undetectable by the enemy, the device is one of the most powerful on the market. Once destructed, the 16kg of TNT can cause a lot of damage to the enemy. It is capable of destroying sea vessel up to 1,000 t, including amphibians, tanks, and assault barges.


While the 9V mine is heavy, it can be deployed in depths of up to 15m by machine, giving you a 55-minute safe time too. It can be self-neuturalised and boasts autonomous self-destruction to offer incredible protection and immense control at once. Remote controls can work from up to 1,000m away.


PDM2S amphibious mines are very versatile for all of those reasons and can additionally work in conditions ranging from -4 degrees C to +35 degrees C, which should cover you in most water-based scenarios. Moreover, the use of magnetic influence ensures for a reliable function at all times. If needed, it will destruct.


There’s no question that this heavy-duty product is suited to a number of underwater situations, and is largely preferred over older models in the PDM1 range. This is one of the latest and greatest solutions out there, and the ability to store it for up to 15 years before deploying it with a window of 45 days to function, it is a winning selection for many. Protecting land, assets, and civilians from underwater threats just became a whole lot simpler.


Why Choose Atlas International?


The Atlas International Group is a highly professional and highly experienced expert in the field of defence and has provided clients with a variety of resources for well over 20 years. We pride ourselves on working with only the best names in the sector and are confident that the PDM2S amphibious mine is one of the best underwater mines on the market. The fact that they are produced by the trustworthy Institute of Metal Science only further underlines those feelings.


All products lines are put under quality control to ensure that you receive the very best products for your military or other defence assignments. Meanwhile, we can provide a free consultation service to discuss models, quantities, and any other queries you may have.


The PDM2S amphibious mine can be a key weapon for your defensive arsenal. Order yours today by calling our winning team via the contact details above.