P-50-75, P-50-75-D Aviation Bombs

These aviation bombs are intended
for the training of aiming shots.


Caliber, kg 50-75
Stabilizer range, mm 245
Characteristic time, s 21.39
Charge weight, kg 1.3
Round weight, kg 65
Round length, mm 1065
Diameter, mm 203
Corpus P-50-75 – metal; P-50-75D – concrete
Fuse AMV-AE2; AM-A with MD V-2 (for the night version ATK-EB is added).
One point hanging or according to client’s requirement.
Day charge and night charge are available for the P-50-75.
Manufacturer Dunarit


1.Bombs 12 pcs in a wooden pallet
Pallet dimensions, mm 800 x 840 x 1065
Gross weight, kg 930
Volume, m3 0.72
2.Fuses 96 pcs in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 658 x 598 x 191
Gross weight, kg 36
Volume, m3

Atlas International Group deliver and supply P-50-75, P-50-75-D aviation bombs and ammunition. The P-50-75, P-50-75-D aviation bombs are versatile munitions that can be deployed across a variety of training areas.


Because of the versatility in the fusing, this aviation bomb can be modified from its one point hanging default depending on client requirements. The P-50-75 and P-50-75-D aviation bombs are wholly designed as training munitions – they can be deployed to practice aiming shots, train technical staff in munitions prep work, and used to drill bomb suspension techniques. The P-50-75 practice bomb is 1065mm in length and has a tail fin span of 245mm. It has a bomb weight of 66kg and is very effective on release. The only difference between the P-50-75 and the P-50-75D aviation bombs is the weight, with the latter being just a kilogram lighter.


The P-50-75 and P-50-75-D aviation bombs continue their flexibility as day and night charges are available depending on client requirements – the P-50-75-N munitions are specially designed for night operations and practice. The fuses can also be altered from the one point hanging default depending upon client requirements.