Intended for firing of light antitank rocket launcher RPG-7 for destroying of tanks and self-propelled artillery mounts of the enemy. It could be used also for destroying of enemy manpower in hasty field type shelters, as well as in brickwork defense points. The point-blank range at target height 2 m is 330 m. For training firing are produced rockets with inert warheads (PG-7I)


Muzzle Velocity (m/s) Maximum Pressure (Pa) Range (m)
120 865.105 500


Element Material- indication Weight (kg) Length (mm)
Rocket PG-15 Piezoelectric fuse VP-7 0.066 63/74
Body Aluminum 0.870 320
Engine Steel 0.870 300
Bursting charge Hexogen 0.400
Pyrodelay element Steel 0.032 56
Charge-powder RNDSI 0.125


6 rounds in a combined case (6 rockets + 6 charges in separate packing)
Case dimensions, mm 808 x 452 x 238
Gross weight of the case, kg 33
Volume of the case, m3 0.192

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the ROUND PG-7V WITH ANTI-TANK GRENADE PG-7 designed to eliminate tanks, self-propelled guns, and enemy artillery mounts. Used with a light anti-tank rocket launcher RPG-7, these rounds are guaranteed to assist in securing positions and preventing enemy attacks and advances. It’s one of the most effective anti-tank and personnel grenades available today, and it has become an essential component to any successful military arsenal.


Alongside the ability to neutralise tanks and other armoured vehicles, the ROUND PG-7V WITH ANTI-TANK GRENADE PG-7 is also capable of taking out field shelters and brickwork defence structures anywhere within range on the battlefield. These rounds have a point-blank range of 330 m at a height of 2 m. That makes them incredibly versatile and vital for armies and specialists in times of war.


With a muzzle velocity of 120 m/s and a maximum range of 500 m, these rounds are ideal for both close quarters and long-distance combat. When air support is not available, and the enemy chooses to attempt an advance, these anti-tank and personnel grenades will keep everyone safe and stop the advancement in its tracks. The rounds are made using aluminium to ensure they are as lightweight as possible, and so it is easy to transport them from stores to the battlefield in emergency situations.


Buyers will receive six rounds in a securely packaged case and six charges that come packed separately for safety reasons. The packaging is also lightweight, and so anyone can transport these items via truck, train, or any other method.


Do not make the mistake of going into battle without the right tools because these rounds are often more than enough to tip the scales of balance and secure a victory. Atlas International Group are experts in ammunition production, and anyone who needs extra information should feel free to contact our team.


Add the ROUND PG-7V WITH ANTI-TANK GRENADE PG-7 to your arsenal before it’s too late!