The rocket is with a hollow-charge fragmentation effect. It is designed for destroying ground armored targets as well as the manpower of the enemy.
It is equipped with the V-5KP fuse.


Armor penetration, mm 250
Max. velocity, m/s 500
Manufacturer VMZ


UB-16-57UM launcher pods (16pcs each) or UB-32, UB32M (32 pcs each) with open rear part or modified launcher pods of the same type carried on aircraft or helicopters.


Fuse V-5PK


8 rockets in a wooden case
Dimensions, mm 1157 x 372 x 225
Volume, m3 0.101
Weight, kg 55

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the 57 mm S-5KP AVIATION UNGUIDED ROCKET. This rocket contains a hollow-charge fragmentation effect and is designed to destroy all types of armored targets. This includes tanks, armored trucks, infantry fortifications, buildings and valuable communications equipment. It is equipped with a V-5KP fuse, a slight difference from the other rockets in the S-5 family.


The S-5KP is launched from the UB-16-57UM, UB-32 and UB-32M launcher pods. These are aircraft and helicopter specific. However, in recent years, the S-5 rockets have been seen in use by tanks and also ground infantry launchers to mimic an RPG round. Although not the intended use, this makes them an effective replacement for RPGs if ground infantry require explosive weaponry to deal with armored fortifications or motorized combat units.


Since these rockets are unguided, they are not as accurate as guided rockets but are lower in cost as a result. This also means that pilot skill plays more of a factor when aiming at specific targets, hence why training is needed before deploying these in the field. The 57 mm S-5KO PRACT AVIATION UNGUIDED ROCKET is a great alternative for those who want a training round designed to teach pilots how to use the S-5 rockets.


Detailed Characteristics


The rocket has an armor penetration of 250 mm and a maximum velocity of 500 m/s. It is manufactured by VMZ.


The rockets come in wooden cases. There are 8 rockets in each case, and it weighs approximately 55 kg. The dimensions of the case are 1157 x 372 x 225.