The rocket is designed for training purposes. It is designed for training the personnel using the S-5KO rocket.
There is no hollow-charge effect, and the high explosive and fragmentation effect is reduced about 12 times. Hits are marked by flash and smoke.


Max. velocity, m/s 586
Manufacturer VMZ


UB-16-57UM launcher pods (16 pcs. each) or UB-32 (32 pcs. each) with open rear part or modified launcher pods of the same type carried on aircraft and helicopters


Fuse V-5K


8 rockets in a wooden case
Dimensions, mm 1105 x 372 x 225
Volume, m3 0.092
Weight, kg 53

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the 57 mm S-5KO PRACT AVIATION UNGUIDED ROCKET. As the name suggests, the PRACT rocket is designed for training purposes for personnel that are designated to use the regular 57 mm S-5KO rocket. There is no hollow-charge effect on the practice rockets and the explosive effect is reduced by about 12 times. Instead, hits are marked by flashes and smoke so that pilots can still gauge their accuracy.


The reason for creating a practice rocket is because the 57 mm S-5KO is unguided. This means it does not automatically lock onto targets from an aircraft or helicopter, and the direction can be impacted by weather conditions. This has made the 57 mm S-5KO a somewhat unfavourable rocket to use in most conditions. However, thanks to the popularity of the UB-16-57UM launcher pods and the UB-32 that hold 16 and 32 rockets respectively, the rockets have gained a new reputation.


Although the accuracy is questionable, their trajectory can be controlled by a skilled pilot, hence why practice rounds were developed. The 57 mm S-5KO is a destructive rocket that can deal significant damage to armored targets such as tanks, trucks, fortifications and even communications equipment. However, training is needed in order to effectively use the 57 mm S-5KO and the PRACT rocket provides aircraft pilots with a safer method of training with it.


In recent years, the 57 mm S-5KO has been used in tanks and even ground launchers as makeshift RPG rounds. This makes the 57 mm S-5KO PRACT a very versatile rocket, and the PRAC variety can also be used for training purposes even when it’s not used in aircraft. Although the 57 mm S-5KO PRACT is still deadly when it hits a target, it doesn’t contain as much destructive force, meaning it should only be used for training purposes and not in combat unless as a last resort.


The S-5KO PRACT is ideal for training pilots on how to effectively use the S-5 family of rockets. It’s an essential tool to any air force assuming there is a location for the pilot to train. Whether it’s used as part of a private military company, by a military contractor that specializes in training pilots or even as part of a nation’s army, the PRACT rocket will serve you well.


Detailed Characteristics


The 57 mm S-5KO PRACT unguided rocket has a maximum velocity of 586 m/s. This mimics the regular 57 mm S-5KO, making it accurate to the live variety. It is manufactured by VMZ and fired from the UB-16-57UM and UB-32 launcher pods. It has a V-5K fuse.


The rockets come in wooden cases with 8 rockets in each one, weighing at around 53 kg. The case is 1105 x 372 x 225.