37/38mm Cartridge Rubber (03 Balls)

The CR—3B is used for efficient and safe breaking of large groups (crowds) of protesters in open spaces.They can be used as the main means or in combination with other means intended for the same purpose. The special action teams may use it for combat against terrorist freeing of hostages and alike, at the same time having ahe possibility to use other special means, as well (shock, flesh, teor gas bombs and alike).
Height 123 mm
Diameter 38 mm
Mass 157 +/- 3g
Launching Anti Riot Gun 37/38mm
Number of rubber balls 03
Effective Range 40m
Shelf life 5 years
Packaging Carton box
Quantity per package 80 Cartridges
Dimension of The box 520 x 400 x 165mm
Total package weight 14,2 Kg

Atlas International Group deliver and supply premium quality ammunition for a host of defence operations, including CR-3B cartridge rubber. If you require non-lethal rubber bullets, the packs of three balls are an ideal solution that can be used in a range of situations to help maintain the peace.


38mm Cartridge Rubber Balls (3 Pieces)


Cartridge rubber balls are used to protect the peace in open spaces by breaking up large crowds of protestors while they can additionally be used to injure or stun thieves, rioters, or terrorists. Regardless of your security, police, or military defence needs, the CR-3B rubber is an ideal option.


The non-lethal ammo can fit most 37/38mm anti-riot guns and can be loaded easily to allow users to keep firing enough ammo until control over the situation has been achieved. When firing a cartridge, the three balls can travel up to 40m depending on the type of gun used. The accuracy over this medium range is very strong while the ability to hit multiple protestors at once ensures that there is no escape.


Each carton includes 80 cartridges with balls weighing 157g. The rubber balls are effective as a sole defence tool while they can also be used in conjunction with tear gas, shock, flesh and a range of other tools. Either way, they are a key asset as you bid to maintain the peace, offering immense reliability for police, security, and military action.


CR-3B rubber balls can be stored for up to five years while the packaging is designed with your storage in mind too. This ultimately allows you to take care of your anti-protest ammunition needs without worrying about them being rendered redundant. The lightweight nature of individual cartons makes them very practical when large amounts of ammo may need to be carried.


Atlas International Group offers a range of alternative 38mm rubber bullets including single balls, single bullets and 3 baton facilities. The CR-3B solution is arguably the best for mid-range defence and combat situations, though, as they enable users to tackle threats from multiple people in very quick time. Their versatility and function are additionally supported by a great price.


Whether it’s to replace your stock or upgrade to a better solution after persisting with an inferior product, CR-3B rubber balls are perfect for your defensive needs.


Why Choose Atlas International Group?


Atlas International Group has built a solid reputation as one of the best non-lethal ammo providers for police, military, and security operations. With over 20 years of experience, you can be sure that our cartridge rubber balls are of the highest quality thanks to our immense attention to detail and continued quality control methods.


We manufacture and store large quantities, allowing us to cater to your needs (even huge orders) in next to no time. You’ll be all set to disperse the crowds in no time while our free consultations enable you to confirm that CR-3B is the right choice before placing an order. Call us today for more information.