122 mm M-21OF-M ROCKET

The 122 mm rocket with prefabricated fragments is designed for destroying mortars, field and rocket artillery and motorized units, defeating manpower and enemy firepower in entrenchments and trenches, destroying communication lines, strongpoints and field defense constructions, making passages in defense wirings and outlook posts, destroying enemy’s back areas (railway junctions, headquarters, concentrated military forces) and large-area simultaneous destruction of group targets through volley fire.

Weight of rocket, kg 66, 180
Maximum range, m 20127
Maximum velocity, m/s 690
Spoiler rings Small and big one
Area of effect:
– against manpower, m2
– against combat equipment, m- against combat equipment, m2
Safe operational temperature range, °С -40…50


BM-21 “GRAD” Multiple-Launch Rocket System


Dimensions, mm 2807 x 280 x 252
1 rocket in a case
Gross weight, kg

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the 122 mm M-21OF-M rocket. This rocket contains prefabricated fragments that are designed to wreak havoc on enemy fortifications, artillery and motorized units, manpower and also field defense constructions.


Unlike the 122 mm M-21OF rocket, the M variety has a slightly lower area of effect against manpower, but a much higher (almost double) effective range against structures and combat equipment. This makes the 122 mm M-21OF-M rocket an incredibly effective weapon when dealing with communications equipment, anti-air fortifications, headquarters and other major structures.


However, the 122 mm M-21OF-M rocket is still deadly against infantry and can still do major damage to large groups of infantry but should primarily be used when dealing with large structures or groups of buildings.


The rocket is fired from a BM-21 “GRAD” multiple-launch rocket system, capable of firing up to two rockets per second and with a loading capacity of 40 rockets. The BM-21 is often operated by a crew of three which makes aiming, firing, loading and transporting the vehicle quick and efficient.


The rockets weigh approximately 66 kg. They have an effective range of 20,127 m or 12.5 miles, and a maximum velocity of 690 m/s. It has both a small and big spoiler ring, and the area of effect against manpower is 670 m2 while the area of effect against combat equipment and structures is 450 m2. It has a safe operational temperature range of -40 to 50 °С. Each rocket comes in at a gross weight of 100 kg including the packaging.