The S-8KOM rocket is with a shaped fragmentation effect. It is designed for destruction of armored targets on the ground and enemy personnel.


Armor penetration, mm 420
Max. velocity, m/s 600
Manufacturer VMZ


Launcher pods of B-8M1 and B-8V20 type (20 pcs each)


V-5KP1 fuse (piezoelectric, contact)


4 rockets in a case
Dimensions, mm 1795 x 302 x 303
Volume, m3 0.205
Weight, kg 66.5

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the S-8KOM AVIATION UNGUIDED ROCKET ROCKET. This rocket contains a shaped fragmentation effect and is designed to destroy all types of armored targets or even enemy personnel. This includes tanks, armored trucks, infantry fortifications, buildings and valuable communications equipment. It is equipped with a V-5KP1 fuse, a slight difference from the other rockets in the S-8 family.


The S-8KOM is launched from the B-8M1 and B-8V20 type launcher pods. These are aircraft and helicopter specific. The S-8 family of rockets is a direct replacement to the S-5 which was known for its lack of firepower and also the difficult in aiming the rocket. This mean that the rocket was both weak and pilots lacked the luxury of locking onto targets, making it undesirable.


As a result, the S-5 was used as a makeshift RPG round in some cases, but also saw use with tanks. The S-8 was developed to contain more firepower and  more powerful fragmentation effect. The S-8KOM is still unguided, making it essential for pilots to practice with the round before being deployed on the field.


Detailed Characteristics


The rocket has an armor penetration of 420 mm and a maximum velocity of 600 m/s. It has an effective range of 1.3 to 4 km and a warhead weight of around 3.6 kg, with 0.9 kg consisting of explosives. It is manufactured by VMZ.


The rockets come in wooden cases. There are 4 rockets in each case, and it weighs approximately 66.5 kg. The dimensions of the case are 1795 x 302 x 303.