ROUND 100mm, FIXED FOR GUN 100mm ON TANK T55, SPG 100mm M44 AND COAST GUN 100mm M87

Serbian defence industry has shown great attention to development and production of tank ammunition since late 40’s. Tank ammunition family for D-10 T2S (D-10T) 100mm tank gun installed on the T-54/55 Main Battle Tank (MBT) family and 100mm gun installed on Russian Self-propelled gun M44 have been produced in Serbia since early 60’s.

The Serbian – produced 100mm ammunition family are highly reliable and combat well-proven tank ammunition, intended for combat against MBT, IFV and other armoured targets, anti-tank defence suppression, infantry direct and indirect fire support, as well as anti-fortification and anti-infantry tank combat in various environmental and operational/tactical conditions.

The modern solutions applied in this ammunition family, together with appliance of modern Fire Control System (FCS) and others tank upgrading modes, providing for relatively old T-54/55 MBT family, the possibility of successfully and effective combat with much more modern types of MBTs, as well as possibility of tank effective use in wide range of combat scenarios, particularly in low-intensity conflicts and anti-guerrilla warfare.

Furthermore, in view of Serbian ingeniously development, D-10T tank gun based, M87 100mm coast gun, 100mm tank ammunition family can be used in anti-ship / anti- landing operation role.

The ammunition family features low barrel wear (due to physical and chemical properties of powder charges), high durable brass cartridge case, long shelf life, etc.

The 100mm tank ammunition family include HE, HEAT-T and KE-W Monoblock long rod penatrator APFSDS -T ammunition types.

The HE M63/P1/P2 is general purpose tank round family, with possibility of using both Western and eastern origin type of impact, superquick and delay action fuzes, due to application of simple screw type fuze adapter. High terminal effectiveness is obtained by modern shell body design, material and manufacturing technology, use of modern explosives and fuzes.


The Serbian-produced 100mm ammunition family has received huge attention to development and production of valuable tank ammunition for almost 60 years. This ammunition family is reliable, and well-proven in combat, whether against armoured targets, MBT, IFV and anti-tank  defence suppression. It’s also intended for direct combat against infantry and indirect fire support. It’s also important to note that this ammunition family is intended for anti-infantry tank combat in a variety of different environments. This group of ammunition works well in all tactical and operational conditions, making it perfect for rounds for tanks.


The round 100mm is the ammunition that fits the T54/55 Main Battle Tank family, which was brought out as a replacement for the war-winning T-34 Medium Tank of World War 2. It was built around the 100mm D Series main gun, which had an instant effect of making it one of the world’s most powerful front line combat tanks. The armor protection was massively improved upon, with a brand new engine and a fully redone transmission system. The layout of the T-54 has been said to be conventional, and the main armament comprised of a 100mm rifled gun, making this ammunition the perfect rounds for tanks.


The 100mm main gun barrel was featureless, without being capped by a muzzle brake. This particular gun that carries the ammunition was ranged to targets around 1,000 yards away with excellent penetrative abilities. There is a limited downward traverse, which can be seen as a downside to the gun itself. However, up to 34 x projectiles of ammunition at 100mm can be carried, both high-explosive and armoured piercing rounds. Ammunition for the T-54 could be stored in the turret as well as stored throughout the hull of the tank.

The main gun on the T54 tank was unchanged, with the standard new bore evacuator introduced on the T-55B. The T-55 was equipped with a ‘Rosa’ FPS and the turret on the casting had thicker armour while the backplate was thinned. New ammunition had been developed in the 100mm ammunition tank family, which includes HE, HEAT-T and KE-W Monoblock long rod penetrator APFSDS-T ammunition types.


In 1955, there was a huge revision to the T54 tank line and the T55 was born, fitted with an upgraded engine, thicker armour protection and basic NBC to protect the crew. This ammunition group has modern solutions applied, with modern Fire Control Systems. It features low barrel wear due to the physical and chemical properties that come with powder charges, a long shelf life and cartridge cases made of brass and are durable. The aim is to gain successful and effective combat with ammunition and modern types of MBTs. The T-55 gun is high velocity and as an exceptional long-range endurance.


This is combined with a highly mobile chassis and a low silhouette. The improvements made compared to the T-54 were a larger V-12 water-cooled diesel engine with a 580HP instead of the 520. The T-55 tank also has a two-plane stabilisation of the main gun, which differs from the vertical stabilisation only. It also has a basic load of 43 rounds at any one time compared with the 34 previously.


In view of Serbian development, the ammunition for D-10T tank gun based, M87 100mm coast gun, 100mm tank ammunition family is said to be suited for anti-ship/anti-landing operation roles. The D-10 is a Soviet 100mm tank gun which was developed in the later stages of World War 2. It started out as being a part of the SU-100 tank destroyers and later became a part of the T-55 family. It continues to be a part of active service globally.


The HE M63/P1/P2 is a general purpose tank round family. High terminal effectiveness is obtained by modern shell body design, material and manufacturing technology, use of modern explosives and fuzes.