The amphibious DM2BM
mine is a new generation
of bottom mines designed
for building defense mine
barriers of 2,5 to 10 m
depth in both sea water
and river water. It can be
used as a submerged mine
up to 30 – 40 m depth.


Deployment depth, mm 2.5 – 10
Mine spacing, m > 20
Main charge/td> cast trinitrotoluene
Booster charge pressed trinitrotoluene
Induction fuse NV-SM
Sensor system range, m 0.8
Safe time (since immersed), min 35
Fighting condition maximum time, days 15
Fighting condition setting step, days 1
Sea waves resistance, ball 5
Power, V 9
Mine diameter, mm 360 ± 5
Mine height, mm 600 ± 5
Mine weight, kg 120 ± 5
Warhead weight, kg 20 ± 5
Main charge weight, kg 16 ± 5
Fuse weight, kg 1.5 ± 0.02
Booster charge weight, g 70 ± 0.05
Temperature range of use, 0C minus 4 – plus 35
Warehouse storage, years 10
Shed storage, years 2
Manufacturer Institute of Metal Science
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Atlas International Group deliver and supply a range of premium quality underwater mines including the PDM2BM Amphibious Mine produced by the Institute of Metal Science. If you need an underwater mine for any reason, you needn’t look any further.


From one unit to 1,000 and beyond, Atlas International Group is ready to satisfy your needs. With PDM2BM facilities at your disposal, underwater defence has never been better.


PDM2BM Amphibious Mine


The amphibious PDM2BM mine is an ultra-modern underwater mine that is designed for building defence barriers of up to 10m and can be submerged to depths of up to 40m. The 9V mine is, therefore, one of the most versatile on the market. Crucially, it is additionally one of the most reliable, thanks to the NV-SM fuse and the pressed trinitrotoluene booster charge.


Small and subtle despite their heavy weight, the PDM2M is one that can sit on the ground without being spotted. The device can additionally be used in both seawater and river water while they also boast sea waves resistance properties, allowing users to create the defensive barrier is a range of situations and water bodies. The quality mines function in waters of temperatures between -4 degrees C and +35 degrees C too.


The underwater anti-vehicle mines incorporate a much larger charge than the PD1BM alternative, which is why the capabilities are even greater. They can additionally be programmed to self-neutralise or self-destruct at a set time, making them ideal for short-term defence uses. The mines can be mechanically laid, which is particularly useful when accuracy is vital.


Operating pressures can be variable or magnetic while 16kg of TNT provide big explosions that are capable of destroying enemy vehicles to protect a range of assets and lands while also stopping underwater attacks. This makes it an ideal addition to your defence ammunition while the guarantees offered by the Institute of Metal Science should not be overlooked either.


The PD2BM Amphibious Mine can be stored for up to 10 years too. So, even if you plan to stock up for future military and defence missions, there has never been a better model for those underwater activities.


Buying PDM2B Amphibious Mines At Atlas International


At Atlas International Group, we appreciate your needs for reliable defence systems that are built to protect from under the water surface and, after over 20 years in the field, we’ve found that the PDM2B amphibious mines are among the best products on the market. Not least because they are manufactured by a name you can trust in the Institute of Metal Science.


Our specialists are happy to provide a free consultation service to discuss whether this model is the right option while also talking about quantities. We stock a vast selection and boast quick deliveries to ensure you can get to securing that underwater protection right away.


Whether you’re ready to place your order or wish to discuss things further, give us a call today. You will not be disappointed by the quality of the defence products in question.