P-50 SHD Aviation Bomb

The P-50 SHD aviation bomb can be dropped from a horizontal flight of 50 to 500 m altitudes.


Caliber, kg 50
Stabilizer range, mm 245
Characteristic time, s 21.25
Charge weight, kg 5
Round weight, kg (not fully completed bomb) 50 ± 3
Round length, mm 1076 ÷ 1097
Diameter, mm 203
Fuse ATK 10-EB
One point hanging or according to client’s requirement.
Concrete corpus
Manufacturer DUNARIT


1.Bombs 12 pcs in a wooden pallet
Pallet dimensions, mm 800 x 840 x 1065
Gross weight, kg 930
Volume, m3 0.72
2.Fuses 30 pcs in a wooden case (in 10 hermetic boxes)
Case dimensions, mm 620 x 560 x 180
Gross weight, kg 44
Volume, m3 0.062

Atlas International Group deliver and supply P-50 SHD aviation bombs and ammunition. The P-50 SHD aviation bombs are versatile munitions that can be deployed across a variety of training areas. They are designed to be dropped at altitudes of 50-500m at a horizontal angle on deployment.


The P-50 SHD is also versatile in its fusing, which can be modified from its one point hanging default depending on client requirements. The P-50 SHD aviation bombs are wholly designed for aircrew for training targeted bombing with assault bombs. They can be deployed to practice aiming shots, train technical staff in munitions prep work, and used to drill bomb suspension techniques. The speed in which it is deployed is at 900km/h, which means that it is far likelier to hit its target. It is also designed for technical staff training in prep work and bomb suspension techniques.


The P-50 SHD aviation bombs continue their flexibility as day and night charges are available depending on client requirements – the P-50 SHD munitions are specially designed for night operations and practice. The fuses can also be altered from the one point hanging default depending upon client requirements.