OFAB 100-120 & OFAB 250-270 Aviation Bombs

Both bombs are intended for firing at industrial – military bases, light armored equipment and manpower.


OFAB 100-120 OFAB 250-270
Caliber, kg 100-120 250-270
Stabilizer range, mm 345 410
Characteristic time, s 21.10/6 20.92/12
Charge weight, kg 42 92
Round weight, kg 123 268
Round length, kg 1065 1456
Diameter, mm 273 395
One point hanging One point hanging or two point
hanging with a 250 mm distance in between.
The hanging can be done according to client’s requirements
Manufacturer DUNARIT


1.Bombs 1 pc. in a wooden lattice case 1 pc. in a wooden lattice case
Case dimensions, mm 1290 x ø525 1803 x ø 590
Gross weight, kg 150 335
Volume, m3 1.073 1.7
2.Fuses (AVU-ETM) 16 pcs. in a wooden case 16 pcs. in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 660 x 590 x 180 660 x 590 x 180
Gross weight, kg 52 52
Volume, m3 0.07 0.07

Atlas International Group deliver and supply OFAB 100-120 & OFAB 250-270 aviation bombs and ammunition. The OFAB 250-270 aviation bomb is a high explosive bomb which employs detonation, this rapidly releases its chemical energy for maximum effect. Detonation is distinctive compared to deflagration in that the chemical reaction propagates faster than the speed of sound. This happens in an intense shockwave.


This aviation bomb is designed to engage lightly armoured material and manpower, as well as industrial facilities designed to house military equipment. As this bomb is designed to be on aircraft, it drops from the sky with altitudes of 500 to 15,000m at a high speed of 500 to 1,150KMh. For those looking to target motorized infantry, or personnel in open terrain, the OFAB 100-120 is the perfect solution. It is a small bomb which is carried primarily on Sukhoi Su-17 and Sukhoi SU-25 military aircraft.


The aviation bomb ammunition itself is filled with fragments and powerful explosive compositions based on TNT. Aircraft are able to carry the OFAB 100-120 with a single point suspension bomb rack. Alternatively, a 14” NATO standard suspension system can be used as a carrier. In length, the 100-120 is 1065mm with an explosive weight of 42kg. The tail fin span is 345mm, which makes this aviation bomb a deadly choice.