The NV – PTM non-contact fuse furnishes the TM-62M and the
TM – 62P3 anti-tank mines. It transforms them from anti-track into anti-undercarriage mines.
The NV – PTM fuse destroys the undercarriage and the floor of the armored military vehicles.


Shaped charge pressed hexogen RDX
Sensor system range, m 0.8
Camouflage earth layer, m no more than 0.12
Safe time (since deployment), min 26.5
Maximum fighting condition time, day 15
Step of setting fighting condition, day 1
Resistance to neighbour mine explosion, m 10
Power, V 9
Fuse diameter, mm 283 ± 2.0
Fuse height, mm 143 ± 2.0
Fuse weight, kg 2.77 ± 0.02
Shaped charge weight, g 290 ± 0.1
Powder charge weight, g 1.0 ± 0.1
Temperature range of use, °C -30 to + 50
Warehouse storage, years 10
Shed storage, years 2
Manufacturer Institute of Metal Science
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Atlas International Group deliver and supply a wide range of defence ammunition mines, including the NV- PTM FUSE, built by the Institute of Metal Science.


It can be a highly useful asset for the arsenal indeed and may be used on a variety of military missions. Whether you need one or 1,000 pieces, Atlas International Group can satisfy your supply needs.


The NV-PTM Fuse


The non-contact fuse is built to furnish either the TM-62M or the TM-62P3 landmines, transforming them from anti-track into anti-undercarriage mines. The NV– PTM fuse destroys the undercarriage and the floor of the armoured military vehicles, making it a versatile item that can be deployed in a host of defence and destroy situations.


As a small, lightweight device that has a camouflage layer of no more than 0.12m, this offers one of the most inconspicuous solutions on the market. Naturally, not being seen is vital. Given the properties of the TM-62M and TM-62P3 mines, this should not be an issue.


The versatility of the NV-PTM fuse is underlined by the fact it can operate in a wide range of conditions, including temperatures from -30 degrees C to 50 degrees C. The pressed hexogen RDX shaped charge is another key feature incorporated into the Institute of Metal Science design.


While the device is used to destroy the undercarriage of armoured military vehicles, a 26.5-minute safe time following deployment provides more than enough time to get out of the area. It also boasts resistance to neighbour mine explosions.


Fitting this truly state of the art anti-tank military device to the TM-62 or TM-62P3 mine is a particularly easy task for any defence team. Most importantly, once fitted, it will turn the mines into anti-undercarriage mines with immediate results. Detonations are conducted in the same fashion as they would without the fuse.


The 9V fuse product can be stored for up to 10 years without losing its function, making it an ideal solution for military services that could need this asset at some stage but are uncertain of when or where.


An NV- PTM fuse is a small device that has a huge impact on the function and purpose of the associated landmines. When your mission requires the destruction of enemy tanks and vehicles, this non-contact fuse is the perfect solution to your problems.


Why Choose Atlas International Group?


At Atlas International Group, we stock only the highest quality products, and that is especially true with the NV- PTM fuse. All mines are checked and guaranteed to provide a reliable function for guaranteed result on your military mission.


With over 20 years of experience in the field of defence, Atlas International is a name you can trust. Our fast turnarounds and deliveries are ideal for when the intended mission is fast approaching, or your current inventory is fading.


Whether you already know your ammunition mine needs or want to talk to our dedicated engineers and consultants about NV- PTM devices and other options, give us a call today.