40 mm Cartridge Rubber

The CR2—1P is used for efficient and safe breaking of large groups (crowds) of protesters in open spaces.They can be used as the main means or in combination with other means intended for the same purpose. The special action teams may use it for combat against terrorist freeing of hostages and alike, at the same time having ahe possibility to use other special means, as well (shock, flesh, teor gas bombs and alike).

Height 124 mm
Diameter 40 mm
Mass 230 +/- 5g
Launching Chemical or 40 mm rifle
Maximum Range 80 – 120m
Shelf life 5 years
Packaging Carton box
Quantity per package 80 Cartridges
Dimension of The box 520 x 400 x 165mm
Total package weight 20 Kg

Atlas International Group deliver and supply various 40mm rubber cartridges. These non-lethal cartridges are designed to control crowds and subjugate suspects and criminals without fatal consequences. Rubber cartridges, also known as rubber bullets or rubber baton rounds, are fired from standard supported firearms or dedicated riot guns.


Rubber cartridges can also be used for animal control purposes and range practice, but are most commonly used for riot control and crowd dispersing, such as protests. This makes the rubber cartridge an ammunition choice for private military companies that are regularly dispatched to patrol and protect civilian locations from hostile targets, or police forces that have been dispatched as riot control. Rubber cartridges are essential for environments where both hostile and friendly targets are mixed thanks to their non-lethal nature.


Atlas International Group provides three different 40 mm cartridge rubbers.


40 mm Cartridge Rubber


The 40 mm Cartridge Rubber, knowns as the CR2-1P, is used for safe dispersion of large groups and crowds of protestors in open spaces and is often used when combined with other riot control strategies. Special teams can also use this cartridge rubber for hostage situations and subjugating hostile targets. This is a standard shell designed to be loaded into a 40 mm weapon or specialized riot firearm. It has a shelf life of 5 years and a maximum effective range of 120 m. This makes them much more effective for longer ranges where keeping your distance is essential to your safety. They are dispatched in a carton box that each contains 80 cartridges, much like the other cartridge rubber offered by Atlas International Group.


40 mm Cartridge Rubber (03 Baton)


The 40 mm Cartridge Rubber (03 Baton), also known as the CR2-3P, is specifically compatible with a 40 mm anti-riot gun. The effective range is from 30 to 50 m and it has a shelf life of 5 years. They are mainly used to disperse and control riot crowds and protestors, but can also be used for sensitive hostage situations where hostile targets are mixed in the environment. These are non-lethal rounds that will quickly subjugate a target. They can easily be used in conjunction with other crowd control armaments and ordnance such as riot shields and smoke grenades.


40 mm Cartridge Rubber (Rubber Balls)


The 40 mm Cartridge Rubber (Rubber Balls), also known as the CR2-RB, is designed to be loaded into a 40 mm weapon. It disperses small rubber balls once the shell is expended, making if effective at controlling much larger crowds than the standard CR2-1P and the CR2-3P. This cartridge gives the same effect as a shotgun shell but with non-lethal rubber pellets instead, making it an effective weapon to disperse crowds and protests quickly and efficiently. Much like the other two 40 mm cartridge rubbers, they can also be used with other crowd controlling weapons, and can be used safely in hostage situations where civilian targets are mixed with hostile targets.


Each cartridge rubber is an essential part of any private military company or police force’s armament, but they can also be used to protect private property with a non-lethal weapon.