37/38mm Cartridge Rubber

The CR—1P is used for efficient and safe breaking of large groups (crowds) of protesters in open spaces.They can be used as the main means or in combination with other means intended for the same purpose. The special action teams may use it for combat against terrorist freeing of hostages and alike, at the same time having ahe possibility to use other special means, as well (shock, flesh, teor gas bombs and alike).

Height 124 mm
Diameter 38 mm
Mass 170 +/- 3g
Launching Chemical or 38 mm rifle
Maximum Range 80 – 120m
Shelf life 5 years
Packaging Carton box
Quantity per package 80 Cartridges
Dimension of The box 520 x 400 x 165mm
Total package weight 15,2 Kg

Atlas International Group deliver and supply high-quality 38mm cartridge rubber that can be used as ammo for a number of non-lethal combat weapons. If you’re in need of this type of ammunition for any reason, the CR-1P 38mm cartridge is always a winning solution.


38mm Cartridge Rubber


The CR-1P 38mm cartridge rubber bullets are primarily designed with defensive matters in mind. The bullets can be used as a non-lethal weapon that’s capable of dispersing large crowds and protestors in a variety of situations with a view to ultimately protect the peace. Whether for police, military, or security assignments, they are a great addition to the arsenal.


Our 38mm cartridge rubber can be chemically launched or used in a variety of 38 mm rifles. Depending on which method is utilised, they can be fired to a range of up to 120m with immense accuracy to disarm or injure thieves, rioters, or terrorists without causing death or long-term damage.


Moreover, the fact that they can be safely stored for up to five years without losing their reliability or function makes them a very practical solution indeed. Whether for military action or general security, it’s possible to stock enough ammo to see you through any situation that may surface throughout the foreseeable future – not least because they packaged with suitable storage in mind.


Each carton box stores 80 cartridges weighing 170g each. The CR-1P bullets can, therefore, be used as a sole defence weapon or alongside other products such as tear gas, shock, flesh, etc. Loading the cartridges is quick and easy, allowing you to fire several rubber bullets in a short space of time to guarantee fantastic protection against even the largest crowds. This makes the 38mm rubber cartridges among the most practical solutions on the market.


The 38mm cartridge rubber is best used for combat and defence operations in open spaces but can still serve a similar purpose in more restricted areas. Cartons are small and lightweight, allowing users to carry relatively large amounts on their persons, which can provide protection for even longer. For a versatile, reliable, and affordable form of non-lethal ammunition, you needn’t look any further.


Atlas International Group additionally manufactures a host of alternative 38mm rubber bullets including cartridge rubber 3 balls, 3 baton, and rubber balls. The CR-1P remains one of the most popular. Whether it’s to replace your old style of ammo or top up your stock, the 80 carton boxes are superb.


Buying From Atlas International Group


For over 20 years, Atlas International Group has provided defence systems and ammunition for military, police, and security operations. Whether you need one carton of 38mm cartridge rubber or hundreds, we can provide those crowd dispersing materials with super fast delivery.


We can additionally offer a free consultation service to discuss your needs as well as your existing products to confirm whether the CR-1P solution is the right option. So, whether you’re ready to place an order or require a little advice, get in contact today.