122 mm Rounds With a High Explosive Shell with Full or Reduced Charge

These rounds are used with the 122 mm D-30 howitzer and the 2S1 self-propelled gun in order to destroy enemy tactical means, artillery and enemy live targets, as well as their fire devices and military rear equipment.


Caliber, mm 122
Muzzle velocity, m/swith reduced charge

with full charge

Shell weight, kg 21.76
Fuse RGM-2 RGM-2M
Manufacturer DUNARIT


1.Rounds 2 pcs. in a wooden case 2 pcs. in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 1193 x 434 x 260 1193 x 434 x 260
Gross weight, kg 83 83
2.Fuses 64 pcs. in hermetic boxes, in a wooden case 64 pcs. in hermetic boxes, in a wooden case
Fuse RGM-2: Case dimensions, mm 520 x 490 x 180 520 x 490 x 180
Gross weight, kg 42 42
Volume, m3
Fuse RGM-2M: Case dimensions, mm
0.046 0.046
520 x 500 x 180 520 x 500 x 180
Gross weight, kg
Volume, m3
42 42
0.047 0.047

Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply 122 mm Rounds With a High-Explosive Shell with Full or Reduced Charge.


The 122mm howitzer is so much more than just a familiar weapon in the theater of conflict. It’s a working piece of military history that rewrote the rules of long distance combat. Not to mention its status as one of the most famous and powerful weapons in the field. It has scarcely left the theater of conflict since its inception in 1958, but the legendary  stopping power of howitzers like the D-30 and the 2S-1 self propelled gun can only be achieved when they are paired with the perfect ammunition. If you need light vehicle or anti-personnel stopping power, you need an ammunition supply with high-explosive capability. These rounds deliver a hefty pay load while they can also be used as inert training rounds.


HEAT or High-Explosive Anti-Tank warheads use the Munroe effect to penetrate even thick  armor with devastating precision.


Harnessing The Munroe Effect


The Munroe effect is the principle at the centre of the 122mm high explosive round’s superior stopping power. It is named after Charles E. Munroe, a civilian chemist who discovered it while working at a U.S. Naval Torpedo Station in Rhode Island. The effect is used to maximize the explosive power of the TNT charge at the round’s core. These rounds are available with reduced and full charge and are designed to concentrate blast energy to a fixed point using a conical brass or steel liner within the shell’s nose. This contains an air filled cavity, beneath which sit the round’s copper driving band, detonator and piro-nitrocellulose charge.


Although high-explosive rounds have come to be known as HEAT rounds, among civilians and military personnel, the shell relies on directed kinetic energy for its stopping power. It neither burns nor melts through steel armor.


Potential combat applications


The 122 mm round with high-explosive shell is traditionally used to attack light enemy vehicles, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. This ammunition can also be used for;


  • Anti-aircraft or coastal combat.
  • Disabling enemy personnel.
  • Destroying enemy encampments.
  • Breaching enemy bunkers.
  • Clearing an enemy’s minefield to allow safe passage of your battalions .
  • Disabling an enemy’s heavy artillery, munitions caches and other rear equipment.
  • Breaching defensive wirings such as perimeter fences.
  • Inert rounds can also be used for training exercises.


Thus, these rounds offer enormous stopping power and versatility whether you use them in training or in the theater of conflict.


Ballistic characteristics


These 122mm rounds are manufactured by Dunarit and use the RGM-2 / RGM 2M fuse. They have a muzzle velocity of 565 m/s full at reduced charge and 680 m/s at full charge.


122 mm high-explosive shells are a must have for any well outfitted tactical arsenal. They combine excellent stopping power with outstanding versatility in a range of combat situations. Whether you want to disable enemy personnel, nullify their minefields or bust their bunkers, these shells are designed to provide maximum stopping power with surgical precision.