122 mm Round 3VOF5 With a High-Explosive Shell 53-OF 462 Full Charge

This product is intended for firing by the 122 mm 2S-1 and D-30 howitzers, for destroying manpower and firearms in the open and in field shelters.
It is also intended for making of mine field passages and defense wirings, fighting artillery and destroying light armored vehicles and equipment.
Inert training rounds are also produced.


Muzzle velocity (m/s) Maximum pressure (Pa) Maximum range (m)
690 2500.105 17370


Element Material Indication Weight (kg) Length (mm)
Shell Fuse RGM-2 0.438 106
Body Steel 17.578 500
Driving band Copper 0.400
Charge TNT 3.528
Cartridge case steel or brass 3.66 477
Charge – powder piro-nitrocellulose 3.8
Primer sleeve KVU 0.09
Manufacturer TREMA


Rounds 2 pcs. in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 1190 x 430 x 230
Gross weight, kg 83
Case volume, m3 0.12
Round weight, kg 21.550 (7.830)
Round length, mm 558 (447)

Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply 122 mm Round 3VOF5 With a High-Explosive Shell 53-OF 462 Full Charge.


The 122mm howitzer is more than just a staple of modern military combat. It’s a game changing piece of artillery and one of the most famously powerful weapons the 20th century has given us. It has scarcely left the theater of conflict since its inception in 1958, but the legendary  stopping power of howitzers like the D-30 and the 2S-1 can only be achieved when they are paired with the perfect ammunition. If you need light vehicle or anti-personnel stopping power, you need an ammunition supply with high-explosive capability. These rounds deliver a hefty payload while they can also be used as inert training rounds.


HEAT or High-Explosive Anti-Tank warheads use the Munroe effect to penetrate even thick  armor with devastating precision.


The Munroe Effect


The Munroe effect (also called the Neumann effect) is at the heart of the 3VOG5 122mm high-explosive shell’s superior stopping power. It is named after Charles E. Munroe, who discovered it in 1888 when he was working as a civilian chemist at a U.S. Naval Torpedo Station in Rhode Island. The effect is used to maximizes the explosive power of the 3.528 kg TNT payload. These rounds with reduced and full charge are specifically designed to concentrate blast energy to a fixed point using a conical brass liner within the shell’s nose. This contains an air filled cavity, beneath which are the copper driving band, detonator and piro-nitrocellulose charge. A Piezo-electric trigger sits within the nose. These elements all combine to create a focused force with devastating destructive capabilities.


Although high-explosive rounds are famously known as HEAT rounds, this is actually a misleading name as the shell relies on kinetic energy for its enormous stopping power. It does not actually burn or melt through steel armor.


Potential combat applications


The 122 mm round 3VOF5 with a high-explosive shell is traditionally used to attack an enemy’s light vehicles, but its applications do not stop there. These howitzer rounds are sometimes also used with coastal artillery for combat at sea and have even been used as anti-aircraft rounds. This ammunition has also been used for;


  • Disabling enemy personnel in open combat.
  • Destroying enemy encampments.
  • Allowing for safe passage of friendlies through an enemy’s minefields.
  • Disabling enemy weapons, munitions stockpiles and other assets.
  • Breaching defensive wirings.
  • Inert rounds are used for training exercises.


As you can see, these rounds offer enormous stopping power and versatility in times of war and peace.


Ballistic characteristics


These 122mm rounds are manufactured by TREMA and use the RGM-2 fuse. They have a meters per second muzzle velocity of 690 full and a maximum range of up to 17,370m making them an outstanding long-range ammunition.


122 mm high-explosive rounds with high explosive shells never strayed far from the battlefield over the years and they continue to be a staple of tactical combat all around the world. They combine excellent stopping power with great versatility. Whether you want to disable enemy personnel or train your force to be the best that they can be, these rounds can make all the difference.