100 mm Round With a High Explosive Shell

The 100 mm round is used with the BS-3 field
KS-19 air-defense gun and the D-10T or
D-10T2S tank guns.
It is intended to destroy artillery, mortars
and other fire devices, manpower, wire fences
and field equipment.


Caliber, mm 100
Muzzle velocity, m/s 16
Shell weight, kg 15.6
Fuse B-429
Manufacturer DUNARIT


1. Rounds 2 pcs. in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 1210 x 443 x 265
Gross weight, kg 87
Volume, m3 0.14
2. Fuses 64 pcs. in 4 hermetic boxes,
in a wooden case
Case dimensions, mm 520 x 490 x 170
Gross weight, kg 42
Volume, m3 0.046

Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply 100mm Round With a High Explosive Shell.


Throughout military history, we’ve sought to combine stopping power with accuracy and efficiency of payload in our long range weapons. We’ve used such long range guns as the D10T, its predecessor the D10T2S anti-tank weapons and the KS-19 anti-aircraft gun to secure long range victory over our enemies. Still, these legendary weapons are  only as powerful as their ammunition, which is why these high explosive armed rounds are designed with accuracy and efficiency in mind.


These rounds use the Munroe effect to provide maximum armor penetration for your payload. Traditionally, 100m rounds with a high explosive shell have had a range of tactical uses in warfare. Needless to say, their explosive power gives them devastating anti-personnel capability, but these rounds are predominantly designed to create maximum disruption to enemy equipment and vehicles. Typical combat applications include;


  • Destroying enemy ground and air vehicles.
  • Demolishing enemy shelters, bunkers or encampments.
  • Destroying heavy artillery such as mortars and other fire devices.
  • Enabling safe passages through minefields.
  • Breaching defensive perimeter wirings (i.e. fences).


Manufactured by Dunarit , these 100mm high explosive rounds are equipped with the B-429 fuse. They have a muzzle velocity of 16 m/s with a shell weight of 16.5 kg.


For a combination of tactical versatility and historically impressive stopping power, these 100mm high explosive shell rounds are amongst the most definitive long range rounds in modern military history with a wide range of combat applications.