It is designed for destroying the enemy manpower in the open or in field shelters, for demolishing long-term shelters and log fire emplacements, for fighting the artillery and destroying armored vehicles. It can also be used for making passages in mine fields and defense wirings. It is equipped with the GPV-2 fuse.


Type of charge fixed
Armor penetration, mm 300
Muzzle velocity, m/s 900
Max. range, m 1000
Loading fixed
Manufacturer VMZ


D-10T, D-10S, D-10T2S, BS-3 guns


2 rounds in a wooden case
Dimensions, mm 230 x 435 x 1210
Volume, m3 0.121
Weight, kg 75

Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply 100mm Hollow-Charge Round For D-10T, BS-3.


Ever since World War Two the Soviet designed tank gun, the D-10T has been synonymous with stopping power. Likewise the BS-3 is one of the most devastatingly powerful anti-tank and field guns of all time. Still, a powerful weapon is only as powerful as its ammunition, which is why these fixed, hollow-charge rounds are designed with purposeful demolition in mind.


Traditionally, D-10’s rounds have had a range of tactical uses in open warfare. Aside from devastating anti-personnel capabilities, these rounds are predominantly designed to create maximum devastation to fixed structures. Typical combat applications include;


  • Disabling enemy manpower in the open field and in field shelters.
  • Demolishing shelters and encampments.
  • Destroying enemy artillery.
  • Destroying armored vehicles.
  • Making safe passages through minefields.
  • Breaching defensive wirings.


These rounds also have a range of non-military applications. They have historically been used in controlled demolition, particularly for cutting through metal beams, piles and columns, boring holes,  felling trees, breaking ice and rock formations, or destroying log jams.


Manufactured by VMZ, these 100mm hollow-charge rounds are equipped with the GPV-2 fuse. They have a muzzle velocity of 900m/s combined with a maximum range of 1,000m. They are capable of armor penetration of up to 300mm making them a devastatingly powerful anti-personnel, or anti-tank weapon.


For a combination of tactical versatility and historically impressive stopping power, these 100mm rounds are amongst the most definitive long range rounds in the history of modern warfare with a wide range of combative and non-combative applications.