YAK-38 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for YAK-38 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Role VTOL fighter
National origin Soviet Union
Manufacturer Yakovlev
First flight 1971
Introduction 1976
Status Retired, 1991
Primary user Soviet Navy
Number built 231




Development of a V/STOL tighter due to the Soviet navy’s new ‘Kiev’ class associated with aircraft-carriers began through ones early 1980. Intensive studies borefruit onthe shape involvingnumerous Yak-36 ‘Freehand’ research aircraft. Havinga bicycle undercarriage under yourcurrent fuselageaugmented by wingtip outriggers. one’s aircraft is believed to get been powered via a great Dair connected with 8,267 lb Koliesov engines, each that has a rotating nozzle. these gave an tremendous thrust margin, AND ALSO powerful auto stabilizers gave a good rock-steady hover, making use of reaction control ‘puffer jets’ on the tail, wingtips ALONG WITH the tip of any long nose-probe. your current Yak-36 was not a good operational aircraft, even though That did lead immediately towards Yak-as. Your1st flew during 1971 (reportedly equallyones Yak40UP). AND am very first seen throughout trials of an Kiev with the Black see throughout 1975. required through international treaty for you to declare details of a vessel’s complement, the USSR pointed out your new fighters In the same way ‘Vak-38s’. Leading for you to a series of confusion among Western analysts until 1984, anytime East European magazines began in order to utilize the type’s appropriate Yak-38