AN-72 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for AN-72 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Powerplants Two 63.7kN (14,330lb) ZMKB Progress D36 turbofans.
Performance An-72 – Max speed 705km/h (380kt), cruising speed range 550 to 600km/h (295 to 325kt). Service ceiling 35,000ft. Range with max fuel and reserves 4800km (2590nm), with a 7500kg (16,535lb) payload 2000km (1080nm). An-74 – Speeds similar. Range with reserves and a 10,000kg (22,025lb) payload 1150km (620nm), or with a 1500kg (3310lb) payload 5300km (2860nm).
Weights Empty 19,050kg, max takeoff (from a 1800m/5900ft runway) 34,500kg (76,060lb). Max takeoff from a 600-800m (1970-2630ft) runway 27,500kg (60,625lb).
Dimensions Wing span 31.89m (104ft 8in), length 28.07m (92ft 1in), height 8.65m (28ft 5in). Wing area 98.6m2 (1062sq ft).
Capacity Flightcrew of three (two pilots and a flight engineer) for the An-72. An-74 also has provision for a radio operator. Main cabin designed primarily for freight, in which role it can carry a payload of 10 tonnes (22,045lb) including four UAK2.5 containers, or four 2.5 tonne (5510lb) PAV2.5 pallets. An-72 can seat 68 on removable seats, while the An-74 when configured for combi passenger/freight tasks can carry eight support crew.

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