SU-30 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for SU-30 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Role Multirole fighter[1]
Manufacturer Sukhoi
First flight 31 December 1989
Introduction 1996
Status In service
Primary users People’s Liberation Army Air ForceVenezuelan Air ForceVietnam People’s Air ForceRussian Air Force
Produced 1990s–
Number built 420+




The Sukhoi Su-30M is usually a multirole two-seater fighter, largely similar to the particular United States F-15E. The Su-30MK is the upload type on the airplane. The fighter is usually a progress on the Su-27 (Flanker) spouse and children, created by the particular Sukhoi Design and style Agency connected with Moscow, and are also constructed because of the Irkut Business. The airplane has similar avionics in addition to pushed vectoring for the reason that Su-37, with regard to superior fight agility in addition to maneuverability. The airplane will be television with perfection anti-surface missiles possesses a new stand-off kick off array of 120km.

The Su-30M, like the Su-30, may indulge a couple airborne locates concurrently. The airplane could be television with nearly six medium-range air-to-air missiles, such as the R-27RE (NATO codename AA-10C Alamo-C), the particular R27TE (AA-10D Alamo-D) or even the particular Vympel RVV-AE (AA-12 Adder).
An alternative air-to-air missile suit will be a couple AA-10D Alamo medium-ranges in addition to six close-range Vympel R-73E (Nato AA-11 Archer) infrared homing missiles.