MIG-29 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for MIG-29 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Role Air superiority fighter, multirole fighter
National origin Soviet Union Russia
Manufacturer Mikoyan
First flight 6 October 1977
Introduction July 1983
Status In service
Primary users Russian Air Force
Indian Air ForceUkrainian Air Force See Operators below for others
Produced 1982–present
Number built 1,600+[1]
Unit cost US$11 million (MiG-29B, 1984, 1999)[2][3]US$29 million (average cost, 2009)[4][5]
Variants Mikoyan MiG-29MMikoyan MiG-29KMikoyan MiG-35