For anti-personnel employment in close combat operations effective with pre- formed fragments.

Grenade type Defensive
Function Fragmentation
Explosive charge TNT
Weight of explosive charge, g 85
Grenade weight complete with igniter set, g 450
Time delay igniter set DVM – 78
Delay, s 3.2 – 4
Throwing distance, m 30 – 45
Killing effect by Steel balls
Effective radius, m 20
Lethal area, m² 266
Operational temperature range, 0C -50 to +50
20 grenades and 2 sealed metal containers of 10 igniter sets each held together in a wooden case
Metal container dimensions, mm 120 x 100
Wooden case dimensions, mm 470 x 280 x 150
Volume, m³ 0.0197
Gross weight, kg 12
Guaranteed storage life, years 15

Atlas International Group deliver and supply ammunition and RGO-78 granades. Painted olive green with black markings, this defensive granade is hand-thrown, with around 800 steel balls in a plastic liner on the inside. The function of the RGO-78 is the destruction of manpower. The fragmented ball lining inside has maximum impact and is fitted with a comprehensive detonating mechanism with a delay of 3-4.2 seconds.


The RGO-78 is a variation of the RGD-5, which was developed in the early 1950s. The original RGD-5 was designed to replace the vintage hand granades that were used in service. There is a double-layered steel pre-fragmented body that generates a lethal radius of up to 20 metres. The safety radius is in the range of 266m2, and they can be stored for up to ten years.


The explosive charge of the RGO-78 is TNT, and the granade is 85g. It’s primary use is for anti-personnel employment during close combat operations. The pre-formed fragments make this the perfect addition to modern warfare.