MIG-25 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for MIG-25 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Role Interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft
Manufacturer Mikoyan-Gurevich OKB
First flight 6 March 1964
Introduction 1970
Status Limited service
Primary users Russian Air ForceAlgerian Air ForceSyrian Air ForceMilitary of Turkmenistan
Produced 1964-1984
Number built 1,186[1]

The MiG-25 is one of the speediest combat planes previously generated, capable of attaining rates much more than Mach 2. 83. Creation finished with 1984.

The planes can be television using some R-40 (NATO codename AA-6 Acrid) air-to-air missiles built with infrared as well as radar homing minds. The range of these missiles can be 2-60km. The missiles are usually halted coming from some underling pylons. This will also be fixed using a couple R-40 as well as some R-60 (AA-8 Aphid), or maybe a couple R-23 (AA-Apex) as well as some R-73 (AA-11 Archer). The MiG-25 is just not fixed with a marker.

The MiG-25P can be fixed using electric apparatus which include: Smerch-A2 radar look (Nato codename Fox Fire), produced by the particular Plastron Exploration as well as Creation Corporation; Detection Good friend or maybe Opponent (IFF) transponder; planes responder to keep communications using instruction as well as clinching radars working with active radio-location setting; as well as radar notice recipient. The airfare management as well as course-plotting apparatus consists of ARK-10 intelligent radio stations compass, RV-4 radio stations altimeter as well as Polyot-11 navigation-landing program. The Polyot-11 course-plotting as well as clinching program, coupled with ground radio stations beacon as well as clinching radio stations beacons, provides designed planes man oeuvres which include rise, en-route airfare, returns towards take-off aerodrome or to one of several about three unexpected emergency airfields, as well as low-run clinching technique as well as have missed technique man oeuvres.

The planes can be power by a couple R-15B-300 single-shaft turbojets, fixed in the tail area of the particular fuselage. The search engines create 11, 200kgf of pushed using thoroughly picked afterburner. The search engines give a highest velocity of 3, 000km/hour in high altitude. The utmost velocity in small altitude can be 1, 200km/hour. The planes have an assistance hall of 25, 500 meter distances. The range in altitudes among 9-11km using velocity of Mach 0. Eighty-five can be 1, 950km. In better altitudes among 20-21km as well as velocity Mach 2.Thirty-five, the stove can be 1, 650km. The utmost in-service g-load can be four. 5g.