7.62 x 54 mm Cartridges

These cartridges
accompany the
7.62 mm assault
rifles and
machine guns.





Cartridge type 7.62 mm M1930
7.62 mm M1930
7.62 mm M1930
Material or Designation Material or Designation Material or Designation
Bullet Jacket Bimetal Bimetal
Sheath Lead
Core Steel Lead
Tracer mixture Combined
Powder charge SSNF 55 SSNF 55 HPL (P-80)
Cup Steel Bimetal
Cartridge case Bimetal Bimetal Bimetal
Primer with corrosion-proof charge with corrosion-proof charge with corrosion-proof charge
Weight, g 21.82 22.0 10.67
Length, mm 77.16 77.16 53.72
Velocity V25, m/s 828 797
Max. pressure, Pa 2900.105 2900.105
Range, m 1500 1500
Weapon 7.62 mm machine guns

7.62 x 51 mm Cartridges

Here at Atlas, we deliver and supply a variety of different 7.62 x 51 mm cartridges to suit everybody’s needs. We guarantee the top quality of ammunition delivery with all of our small caliber ammunition. These cartridges are small caliber and can be fired from a variety of weapons such as machine guns and rifles. Examples include the FN-FAL, NF1, G3A2, L7A2, M60, MG, and the MG-M1.

At the present time, we offer these variations of the 7.62 x 51 mm cartridges for you to choose from:

  • 7.62mm M80 Cartridge With Lead Core Bullet: This cartridge has a bimetal jacket and a lead core, meaning that this bullet will have a higher ballistic coefficient due to the density of this bullet being greater.
  • 7.62mm M80 Cartridge With Tracer Bullet: Equipped with a tracer, this cartridge is far easier than others to find once it has been fired. This makes it easier to improve your accuracy or help other shooters to identify a target.
  • 7.62mm M80 Cartridge With Blank Bullet: This ammunition comes with a blank bullet, making it ideal for training operations.

All of these cartridges come in a brass case which comes with its own advantages. One of which is that the case is soft, but not soft enough so that it will split upon contact. As well as this, brass does not scratch parts of the gun and will not spark with any other metal.

The cartridge with lead core bullet and tracer core bullet have bullet speed of 838 m/s. These cartridges will be advantageous of you are in need of quick firing bullets.

All of these cartridges are in line with the standard ammunition requirements concerning storage and transportation. Due to this, you can store, pack and transport these cartridges without any safety concerns. For more information and the full specifications for each variation of cartridge, please consult the table below.