The rocket is with a high-explosive effect.
It is designed for destroying ground light armored targets, field shelters, as well as manpower of the enemy.



Max. velocity, m/s 580
Manufacturer VMZ


UB-16-57UM launcher pods (16 pcs each) or UB-32 (32 pcs each) with open rear part or modified launcher pods of the same type carried on aircraft and helicopters.


Fuse V-5K


8 rockets in a wooden case
Dimensions, mm 1105 x 372 x 235
Volume, m3 0.092
Weight, kg 55

Atlas International Group deliver and supply unguided aviation rockets such as the 57mm S-5MO. The S-5 unguided aviation rocket was first designated as ARS-57. Developed by the Soviet air Force, this unguided aviation rocket ammunition was used by military aircraft such as the MiG-19 and the MiG-17. This ammunition was used against ground area targets from the air, and is currently in service with the Russian Air Force. It was developed in the early 1950’s as part of an air to air AS-5 weapon system for the MiG-19 originally. There were tests made in MiG-15bis and MiG-17 jets, and the last of these tests was completed in 1955. The warhead has 20 notched steel rings generating 360 fragments. It consists of a steel body containing a solid fuel rocket, with a highly explosive warhead and mechanical impact fuse.


The S-5MO aviation unguided rocket is designed to be fired from Universal Block launchers and you can get these available for 8, 16 or 32 rockets at one time. This ammunition supply is available in several types, including:

  • HE
  • Shaped Charge/Fragmentation
  • Flechettes
  • Chaff
  • Illumination
  • Thermobaric
  • Flare.

This family of unguided aviation rockets can be used by helicopters as well as planes, and the rockets themselves can be fired single. It’s made up of a rocket motor, a nose fuze and a fragmentation warhead. Inside this unguided aviation rocket ammunition, you will find a motor made with a thin walled steel pipe piece with a steel venturi screwed on over the back. There are eight Fodning fins that have been spring-loaded and are connected to the back of the venturi. It’s length sits at 998mm, with a 57mm diameter. The S-5MO has an unguided range of 3-4KM and weighs in the region of 4.82kg, so it’s lightweight.


In history, the 57mm S-5MO aviation unguided rocket was used in Afghanistan in the 1980s, Israel in 2009 and more recently in Libya and Syria. The latter wars have used them off the back of pickup trucks during attacks. Upon impact, the bakelite ballistic cap shatters, and the ammunition is ignited. It is a deadly and powerful ammunition that is being manufactured today. The 57mm S-5MO ammunition is highly effective and has a devastating impact wherever it lands.