40mm Cartridge Tear Gas (long range)

The CTG2 — LR is pyrotechnic products intended for temporally incapacitating of unprotected crowd both open and enclosed space. Fired to a target these rounds rapidly produce contaminated atmosphere infecting temporary incapacitation of rioters. It provokes hard irritation, teasing of eyes and mucous membrane, uneasiness to see with eyes and choking without inflicting permanent injury.

Height 123 mm
Diameter 40 mm
Mass 249 +/- 5g
Chemical weight 70g
Active agent CS
Active agent mass 10% (client request)
Launching Anli Riot Gun 40 mm
Range Short range : min 135m
Smoke emission time 20 – 30s (client request)
Shelf life 5 years
Packaging Carton box
Quantity per package 80 Cartridges
Dimension of The box 520 x 400 x 165mm
Total package weight 21,8 Kg

Atlas International Group deliver and supply 40 mm cartridge tear gas. The chemicals in these cartridge tear gas rounds are effective at causing irritation and pain in their targets, as well as potential bleeding and temporary blindness.


Atlas International Group offers three varieties of 40 mm cartridge tear gas.


40mm Cartridge Tear Gas (03 projectiles)


CTG2 3P is the standard cartridge tear gas used by private military companies and police forces around the world. It’s excellent for us against crowds and in riots that have gotten out of hand. With a minimum range of 75 m, these can be used at a fairly standard range and are perfect for all situations.


40mm Cartridge Tear Gas (long range)


CTG2 LR has a minimum effective range of 135 m and a smoke emission time of 20 to 30 seconds as well. Thanks to the range, these are perfect for long-range engagements where operatives could be in danger when fighting up close to the enemy. Forcing a retreat and using long-range cartridge tear gas is a viable option against unprotected and unsuspecting targets.


40mm Cartridge Tear Gas (short range)


CTG2 SR is the short-range version of the 40 mm cartridge tear gas. With an effective range of 80 – 120 m and a smoke emission time of around 20 to 30 seconds, this is an effective form of area control and denial in addition to dispersing crowds. This short-range variety can also be used indoors when there is a heavy hostile presence in an area.