122 mm Hollow-Charge Round for D-30, 2S-1

It is designed for destroying the enemy manpower in the open or in field shelters, for demolishing long-term shelters and log fire emplacements, for fighting the artillery and destroying armored vehicles. It can also be used for making passages in mine fields and defense wirings.
It is equipped with the V-15 fuse.


Type of charge full
Armor penetration, mm 400
Muzzle velocity, m/s 690
Max. range, m 1000
Loading separate
Manufacturer VMZ


D-30 and 2S-1 howitzers


2 rounds in a wooden case
Dimensions, mm 250 x 440 x 1300
Volume, m3 0.143
Weight, kg 80

Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply 122 mm Hollow Round For D-30, 2S-1.


The 122mm howitzer has earned its place amongst the most recognizable and most legendarily powerful weapons in modern military history. Since the first prototype was built in 1958, this celebrated multi-purpose weapon has scarcely left the theater of conflict. But even famous artillery such as the D-30 and the 2S-1 is rendered less effective than their reputation would suggest when they are paired with inferior ammunition. If you need serious anti-tank, anti aircraft or anti-personnel stopping power, you need an ammunition supply with both stopping power and versatility.


These hollow charge rounds historically been used for;


  • Disabling enemy personnel when sheltered and in the open.
  • Demolishing enemy encampments or bunkers.
  • Enabling safe passage of friendly personnel through enemy minefields.
  • Disabling an enemy’s heavy artillery and field assets.
  • Breaching defensive wirings.


These rounds also have a range of non-military applications. They have been used in a range of civilian activities such as controlled demolition, boring holes, cutting through metal beams, piles and columns or breaking ice, felling trees or destroying log jams.


These 122mm rounds are manufactured by VMZ and equipped with a V-15 fuse. They are capable of armor penetration up to 400mm thanks to their 690 m/s muzzle velocity and maximum range of up to one kilometer.


122 mm hollow charge rounds have been a mainstay of modern combat for over half a century with good reason. Their devastating stopping power and range of combat applications make them the ultimate ammunition for the D-30 and 2S-1 howitzers.