TU-95 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for TU-95 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Role Strategic bomber, missile carrier, airborne surveillance
Manufacturer Tupolev
First flight 12 November 1952
Introduction 1956 (MS variant – 1981)
Status Active in service
Primary users Soviet Air Forces
Soviet Navy
Russian Air Force
Produced 1952 – 1994
Number built 500+
Variants Tupolev Tu-114
Tupolev Tu-119
Tupolev Tu-142

Your Tu-95s were being created along with developed at the Tupolev Joint Share Organization aviation grows within Moscow. Very first airline flight with the Tu-95 is at 1954 and it entered service within 1956.
Your Tu-95 includes a greatest amount velocity connected with 650km each hour along with an unrefueled combat radius connected with 6, 400km. With a single in-flight refueling, the actual jet includes a combat radius connected with 8, 200km.

Automated countermeasures pods are usually pylon mounted on the actual slot along with starboard aspect with the trail gunner’s place along with fairings are usually noticeable about just about every aspect with the climate radar within the sinuses section.
Your antennae with the terrain bounce jammer, which often attracts getting close to radar-guided missiles lower towards the surface shown indication along with far from the actual jet, are usually set up within the underside with the sinuses along with beneath the back portion of the actual fuselage.
Radar alert receiver antennae are usually set up within the udemrket along with about the two sides with the entry fuselage.
Your APP-50 chaff along with pazazz decoy dispensers is usually set up generally attaining gear gates.