The item is used during special operations
when capturing armed criminals and interrupting mass riots.


Blasting effect strong thunder and blinding light
Delay action time after pulling the safety-pin ring of the fuse and handle releasing, s >1.5
Sound / thunder power, dB 170 ÷ 172
Diameter, mm 52
Maximum height, mm– with safety cap– with DVM-IM fuse 0.100125
Weight, g not more than 125
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Atlas International Group deliver and supply high quality sound illuminating hand grenades, including the ZSRG-1. This item is used during special operations and is especially effective in capturing armed criminals and interrupting mass riots. With a strong thunder and blinding light blasting effect, expect 170-172 decibels of sound after pulling the safety pin ring of the fuse and handle. Expect less than 1.5 seconds before the effect takes place.


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