We can supply and deliver RPG-7 for military and army use in large quantity all categories: Factory New, New Surplus and Used Surplus.

Rocket PG-7V, PG-7VL, PG-7VR, TBG-7V, OG-7V
Rocket weight 4.5 / 2.6 kg
Combat weight 6,3 kg ready to fire
Target engagement 200 to 500 m
Crew 1 soldier
Type of engaged targets Light vehicle, infantry combat vehicle
armoured personnel carrier,helicopter, building
Armour penetration 200 to 760 mm
Calibre 40, 70 and 105 mm
Guidance system Optical sight and night vision
Length 950 mm




The RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher is one of the most common and many effective infantry weapons in contemporary fights. It truly is tough, basic and also carries a dangerous punch. Whether or not downing US ALL Blackhawk helicopters in Somalia, blasting Russians tanks in Chechnya or even approaching govt strong factors in Angola, this RPG-7 will be the artillery of preference for many people infantrymen and also guerrillas worldwide.

While the RPG has been designed to wipe out tanks and also other combat cars, it has brought straight down quite a few helicopters too. Over the fighting in Mogadishu, Somalia in July 1994, both the US ALL Armed service Blackhawk helicopters picture straight down have been because of the RPG. Throughout Afghanistan, this Mujahedeen observed how the best anti-helicopter practices have been anti-helicopter ambushes. The very first alternative has been to identify most likely clinching specific zones and also acquire all of them. Then your Mujahedeen would placement equipment pistols and also RPGs across the clinching area.