BMP-1 Spare Parts

Our company supply and deliver spare parts for BMP – 1 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.


The particular BMP-1 is really a Russians manufactured armored infantry fighting auto. The particular BMP-1 infantry fighting auto was adopted with regard to support in 1966 along with Russians internet marketer. The item was created to carry the infantrymen, participate in overcome along with assistance the dismounted infantrymen by means of hearth after they combat by walking. Through the mid-1960s, the conman infantry team armed along with organic and natural items for you to combat the opposing forces ether from the auto or maybe by walking after dismounting. For this specific purpose, the infantry fighting auto, given BMP-1, was made. Intro involving tactical nuclear items ordered to provide any bigger distribution involving troop formations about the battlefield devoid of limiting the firepower involving actually tiny subunits.
The particular BMP-1 is built in that has a one-man turret. Key armament from the BMP-1 IFV is really a 73 mm Style 2A28 smoothbore, low-pressure, short-recoil weapon that weighs 115 kg. It is feasted coming from a 40-round publication towards right raise from the gunner. Some sort of 7. 62mm PKT machine weapon is mounted coaxially towards right from the main armament. Attached over the main armament is really a launcher for a Kolomna KBM 9K 11 Malyutka AT-3 `Sagger’ wire-guided ATGW. 1 missile is taken inside able to kick off location that has an even more a couple missiles inside turret; they’re rich by using a railroad via a hatch inside forwards area of the turret ceiling. A further a couple missiles usually are took inside hull.