This mine is designed for destroying
transportation and light armored vehicles
with armor plating up to 10 mm.
Its damage distance is 50 m, and its
damage angle is 20 – 40 degrees.


Charge type TNT – TNT/H
Charge quantity, kg 14
Fragments 240 x 32 g
Chapped charges 4 x 225 g
Fuse At “neutralization” mode the fuse is released fromthe warhead and the fire circuit is disconnected.
Sensor systemInduction sensor

Microwave barrier

Acoustic sensor

Microwave Doppler sensor

Control device
Radio communication system
Manufacturer Institute of Metal Science
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Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply AHM1 Anti-Transportation Mine.


While guns, grenades and long range projectile weapons like howitzers will likely remain indispensable tools of modern warfare for decades to come, one can only benefit from an eclectic arsenal of weapons. Not only must your armory display offensive potential, it needs the appropriate countermeasures to nullify your enemy’s offensive capabilities. For this, mines are an excellent weapon.


Mines can be deployed in a number of tactical ways. They can render an area of your territory uncrossable, slow an enemy’s advance and give you time to mount a response when your territory is invaded making them a useful offensive and defensive tool.


The anti-transportation mine is designed to destroy lightly armored personnel carriers and any transportation unit with armor plating up to 10mm in thickness. Manufactured by the Institute of Metal Science, these defensive countermeasures have a damage distance of 50 meters and a damage angle of 20-40 degrees.




The Anti-Transportation mine is characterised by a 14 kg TNT charge for robust stopping power that’s designed specifically to neutralize combat vehicles. Upon detonation they are designed to emit a combination of steel fragments and shaped charges. This makes for an extremely efficient deployment with a destruction probability of 85%. It is controlled remotely via a radio communication system and is designed with a “neutralization mode” for safe handling.


When the warhead is set at “neutralization mode” the fuse is released from the warhead and thus the fire circuit is disconnected.


With the superior stopping power of these anti-transportation mines, your enemy’s vehicles will not stand a chance.