The AHM-1 anti-helicopter mine is
designed to destroy in fragments low
flying helicopters by blast cores and
pressure shock within 150 m range.


Basic characteristics of PVM-1
Acoustic sensor range, m up to 500
Doppler SHF sensor range, m up to 150
Fuse non-contact
Safe time after setting in fighting condition, min 35
Maximum duration of fighting condition, days 30
Operational temperature range minus 200 to +500
Storage temperature minus 400 to +600
Warehouse storage, years 10
Shed storage, years 2
Fighting condition setting time, min 15
Major characteristics
Warhead characteristics PVM-1A PVM-1B PVM-1C
Destruction range, m 100 150 150
Fragment weight, kg 0.032 0.225 0.032/0.225
Explosive weight, kg 18 8.5 18/8.5
Fragments, number 800 5 800/5
Mine weight in a wooden case, kg 50 32 50/32
Destruction probability, % 0.75 0.080 0.85
Warhead and stand height, m 0.550 0.500 0.800
Warhead dimensions, mm 760 x 280 x 100 760 x 140 x 120 760 x 280 x100760 x 140 x120
Explosive type• steel fragments – PVM-1A

• shaped charges with blast steel plate – PVM-1B

• combined warhead with fragments and shaped charges – PVM-1C

Manufacturer Institute of Metal Science
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Atlas International Group Deliver And Supply AHM1 Anti-Helicopter Mine.


They say that the best defense is a potent offense. When formulating your military strategy, it is incumbent upon you to not only put the measures in place for a successful assault but to put countermeasures in place for your enemy’s capabilities. This means ensuring that you have an eclectic and robust inventory that will allow you to respond to your enemy’s aggression with strategically deployed countermeasures to neutralize their offensive capacity. While assault rifles, grenades and long range weapons like howitzers all play a part in modern warfare, it behoves us to be mindful of the destructive capability of mines.


Your enemy’s helicopters are a clear and present threat in a number of ways. They not only have potent attack capability, they can transport and deploy personnel within your territory where they can wreak significant damage. It makes sense to deploy an appropriate response to this threat. The AHM 1 anti-helicopter mine is designed to be a variable response system that is designed to work with a range of warheads for an payload which is appropriate for your campaign strategy. It is designed to neutralize low flying helicopters with a combination of potent blast cores and a pressure shock range of around 150 meters.


Basic characteristics


The AHM1 uses a range of PVM-1 warheads with different explosive types. They have an acoustic range of up to 500 meters and a doppler SHF sensor range of up to 150 meters. They use a non-contact fuse that has a maximum safe time after setting in fighting condition of 35 minutes. It can be set for fighting condition in just 15 minutes to facilitate agile responses. Once set in fighting condition, it can remain in this state for a maximum of 30 days. It is highly resilient and perfect for use in a range of weather conditions with a maximum operating temperature of -20 degrees and a maximum of +50 degrees. It can be stored at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to +60 degrees. It can be safely stored in a warehouse for up to 10 years or a shed for up to 2 years. These factors all combine to make it an extremely versatile and resilient piece of hardware.


Warhead options


There are 3 PVM-1 warhead options tailored to the varying needs of today’s military forces. These are;


  • PVM-1A- Steel fragments.
  • PVM-1B- Shaped charges with blast steel plate.
  • PVM-1C- A combined warhead with both steel fragments and shaped charges.


Major characteristics


These warheads all have serious stopping power. The PVM-1A has a destructive range of 100m while the 1B and 1C have a destructive range of 150m. The 1A deploys 800 fragments, while the 1B deploys 5 charges. The 1C, being a combination of both deploys both 800 fragments and 5 charges. The PVM-01A has a destruction probability of 75%, the 1B 0.08% and 1C 85%. These ensure an appropriate deployment for a range of combat environments.


With this kind of stopping power on your side, your enemy’s aerial assaults will be over before they begin.