The rocket is with a hollow-charge fragmentation effect. It is designed for destroying ground armored targets as well as manpower of the enemy.


Armor penetration, mm 172
Max. velocity, m/s 586
Manufacturer VMZ


UB-16-57UM launcher pods (16 pcs each) or UB-32 (32 pcs each) with open rear part or modified launcher pods of the same type carried on aircraft and helicopters.


Fuse V-5K


8 rockets in a wooden case
Dimensions, mm 1105 x 372 x 225
Volume, m3 0.092
Weight, kg 53

Atlas International Group deliver and supply the 57 mm S-5KO AVIATION UNGUIDED ROCKET. This unguided rocket is fired from the UB-16-57UM launcher pod (16 rockets each) or the UB-32 (32 rockets each) with open rare part or modified launcher pods of the same type that are equipped on aircraft and helicopters. In addition to being launched from the UB-16-57UM and UB-32, you can also find the 57 mm S-5KO being fired from an ORO-57K on the MiG-19 aircraft.


The S-5 rockets are designed for military helicopters and aircraft to strike ground-based targets such as fortifications, infantry and communications equipment. Because these rockets are unguided, they require precision aim from the pilot in order to strike their target. However, the explosion radius is large enough that pinpoint accuracy is not required.


In the past, these rockets were used by Russian aircraft such as the Sukhoi Su-25 and the Mil Mi-24 but were described as having poor effectiveness. This is because the rockets were known to “fan out” after launch, making it difficult to actually strike intended targets. Opinions have since changed, especially against larger targets or when making lower passes above areas that are free from anti-air weapons and fortifications. The main issue with this rocket is the lack of guided navigation, making pilot skill and weather conditions more of a factor when fired from a longer range.


The S-5 line of rockets has also been used in ground-based launchers due to their more precise nature. It can often be used against enemy infantry, ground-based targets such as communications equipment and weapons, and also against headquarters and fortified areas to soften them before sending infantry in. Portable launchers have also been created to fire the 57 mm S-5KO, turning it into a makeshift RPG round that can inflict massive damage to vehicles, buildings and infantry alike.


While the S-5 has been phased out by the Russian military, it has seen much improvisation and there are now launchers, tanks and other weapons that can also use the 57 mm S-5KO. The hollow fragmentation effect is excellent for destroying armored targets and shredding through infantry, but it can also be effective when targeting vital enemy communications equipment.


The successor to the S-5 is the S-8, an upgrade that is used by fighter-bombers and helicopters. The S-8 line of rockets is also offered by Atlas International Group in several different varieties. We also offer the PRACT version of the 57 mm S-5KO which is a practice round with a lowered explosive effect.


Detailed Characteristics


The 57 mm S-5KO rocket weighs approximately 4.43 kg with the warhead weigh 1.36 kg. Its overall length is 0.987 m. The rocket has an armor penetration of 172 mm. The maximum velocity of the rocket is 586 m/s, and the manufacturer is VMZ. It has a V-5k fuse. The rockets are packed in wooden cases that each contain 8 pieces, and the weight of the entire package is 53 kg. The dimensions are 1105 x 372 x 225mm.